You Had Me At EVDO


 You Had Me At EVDO

It's Tuesday and I'm desperate for an excuse to get out of the office. When I walked by the coffee room, I saw that my favorite flavor has been replaced by a new one: EVDO. This is not just any regular old EVDO; this is the espresso-flavored variety which, admittedly, is my favorite. What's more, it actually costs less than what they were charging for regular espresso! I need to go back and ask them about this; but first things first—I'll order myself a cup of the new handcrafted Hana Hazelnut latte that they offer.

The new Cafe Moka Hana-Hazelnut latte is the best! I love it so much, I order it almost every time I go. There's also the new Peppermint Mocha and of course the classics like Caramel Macchiato and Chai Tea Latte. So far, they haven't changed my favorite flavor because it has no toppings or sweeteners; otherwise, I would have demanded that they change it. My favorite drink is still Da Juice of Power in black, which they debuted last month. I've heard that there's green tea flavor in the works for later this year; however this is coffee and espresso bar after all, so I'm more interested in what might come next...

I had a quick meeting with the owners yesterday. I told them that maybe they should consider expanding. They were happy to hear it because as long as I'm paying for their mortgage, they'll be more than eager to make me a cup of EVDO. In fact, I managed to get Meghan and Brad to give me first dibs on the new location so I can scout out potential sites. You'll be hearing more about that in the coming months.

I just want to take a second at this, there are so many delicious flavors (more than I could even remember), but I really love the new Hana Hazelnut Latte. I went around to all the offices and coffee shops in Fremont today while they were testing out the new one; it was already out and people were buying up stock. Brad even asked me if you can make money on this, and yes, you can—you just have to start selling EVDO earlier than everybody else. The early bird gets the Hana-Hazelnut Latte!

In addition, Brad and Meghan are planning on what they call 'EVDO trade'. That's when you sell a cup of EVDO at half price (or less) if you have already bought a cup from another coffee shop. It's really working out well for them. They've been doing it for about a month now and love it. It seems that almost every other person that I talk to in Fremont is also on board with this program. I'm actually thinking about starting an EVDO Trade myself for my clients, but I think I'm going to wait until the green tea flavor comes out sometime later this year...

If you're a kid who's interested in starting your own business, I recommend that you start selling EVDO to your friends at school. You'll be rich in no time! On another note, I hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures. I'll try to keep this real and interesting so that we can all laugh together.


We will be using hashtags for the rest of the series so if there is anything else you want me to write about, use #EVDO which stands for #EVdoTrade and then #EVDO as well. Hopefully we can get a nice trending topic going on Twitter later tonight when we go out and get drunk.

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