Acuvue Contact Lenses - Bringing Out The Best In Your Eyes!


 Acuvue Contact Lenses - Bringing Out The Best In Your Eyes!

Acuvue contact lenses are the perfect solution to correct your vision. Acuvue contact lenses come in different types, depending on what you need for your eyes.

We review the best Acuvue contacts here and show you how they can help make this important step a little easier.

Acuvue contact lenses are made by Johnson & Johnson, and they offer different kinds of lenses.

You should have a prescription from your eye doctor to choose the type of Acuvue contacts that are best for you.

Acuvue contact lenses come in many different types, so there is one best suited for any individual need:
• Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus - These contacts are for those who want continual wetness, comfort, oxygen permeability and all-day freshness. This product has hydration technology that releases a natural moisturizer into the eyes throughout the day. You will not experience dry eyes while wearing these contacts. The Hydraclear Plus in these lenses will not only help to relieve dryness and restore the eyes' natural buoyancy, but it will also help to promote hydration and lubrication of the eyes. The oxygen permeability of these contacts is also superior for those who are sensitive to air and oxygen.

• Acuvue® Moist - These contacts are suitable for individuals with eye allergies, irritation or dryness. These have a unique water-filtration system that prevents fluid from entering the eyes, even if you blink. This contact lens is suitable for anyone who has severe dry eye symptoms or if you require frequent removal because of irritation or infection.

• Acuvue® Oasys - These contacts are ideal for anyone who needs a natural fit and comfort throughout the day, even up to 8 hours. These come in 3 strengths: far-sighted, near-sighted and astigmatism. They are also suitable for those that have allergies or infection.

There is one best suited for any individual need, which we will discuss later on this article.

How To Use Acuvue Contacts

There are a few things that you should know about how to use Acuvue contact lenses. Follow these steps closely to make using them more convenient and easier to do.

Before you start, make sure that you have already taken your prescription with you so you can provide all the needed information. Your doctor may have some instructions that will help you in the process.

Now, this is how it's done:

1. Prepare your hands - Wash them thoroughly with soap and water, making sure there is no residue on your fingers or nails. If you are wearing contacts, wear contact solution or ointment (depending on your prescription) on your eyes before putting the lenses in.

2. Clean your face - Make sure that any dirt or debris from your face is removed, then apply a thin layer of ointment to the eye area under the contact lenses. If you have never worn contact lenses before, this will ensure that there is no irritation during the adjustment period.

3. Put on your Acuvue - Once you are done with cleansing and applying ointment, put them in. Also make sure that each side of the lens has properly fit into place so that there are no gaps between it and your eye lid or eyelashes.

4. Adjust your Acuvue - After putting the contacts in, make sure that the lenses are positioned properly over your eyelids. If they are too tight, then fit them on a little more loosely; if they are too loose, then tighten them up with the push-pin tool.

5. Celebrate - After you have put on the contacts, you can now remove the blinkers. Your eyes will be able to blink normally again, which will increase contact durability and comfort. Once you feel comfortable wearing your Acuvue contacts for an extended period of time (around 8 hours), consider leaving them in during waking hours to improve comfort and eliminate dryness.

6. Remove your Acuvue - Before you remove them, make sure that the lenses are not touching your eyelashes or eye lid, or else you may damage them. If they have been correctly positioned, then you should be able to see clearly out of both eyes simultaneously.

7. Keep some extra on hand - You may not realize it but removing your contacts can be difficult sometimes and if you're not careful, they can get stuck in your eye and cause damage to the cornea. Just remember that whenever you want to remove the contacts, flush them with clean water for a couple seconds until they loosen up and then pull them off gently without touching them with your fingers or nail.

If you need to wear contact lenses regularly, you'll quickly find out that getting them in and out can be a hassle. While it may require some practice, it is well worth the investment of time when you realize the benefits these contacts provide for your eyes.

What About Acuvue Lenses?

There are several types of Acuvue contact lenses to choose from. The following is a list that will give you an idea of what they can offer:
As we have said above, there are several types of Acuvue that you can choose from. We will see one of these types later on this article.
• Acuvue® - This product comes in multi-focal and multifocal lenses and nothing else. It has a unique hydration system that prevents fluid from entering the eyes, even if you blink. You may use these lenses for astigmatism with best results only when you are wearing them for a short time.
• Acuvue® Moist - This lens is suitable for those with dry eyes, irritation, or allergies. It will not cause dry eye symptoms while being worn and, because it does not allow water to enter your eye, you can wear them overnight as well as during the day while using other contact lenses.


Acuvue is one of the most popular contact lenses to use in our day and age. It has been a favorite among many peers because of its quality and comfort.

A lot of these people are now starting to wear Acuvue 2, which is also very popular for contact lenses. If you want to try out Acuvue products, then purchasing from a reliable seller will ensure that you receive high-quality Acuvue contacts at affordable prices.
• acuva1 – This is one product that is ideal for individuals who are suffering from dry eyes. It helps in restoring the natural moisture levels of your eyes over time while reducing sensitivity to air and oxygen.

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