Writing Your First EBook is a Piece of Cake


 Writing Your First EBook is a Piece of Cake

The easiest way to write is to plagiarize
And the easiest way to get rich is by stealing
But if you want something original
Something yours, not found in stock, not found on Wikipedia
Then I say it's worth a try.

You’re about to embark on a journey of self-discovery. One that will challenge you, push your limits and keep you up into the night. And this book will be your passport for getting there. It will provide advice and guidance as you navigate its pages in search of your authorial voice.

But first, it’s best if you become acquainted with the characters that will be accompanying you on this journey. It’s also important to know what to expect from the various types of characters that will be joining you along the way.

Your Creativity – The Navigator

The primary job of your creativity is to get you moving in a direction where interesting things are happening. You may not know where it’s taking you, but it doesn’t matter as long as you continue moving forward. So give your creativity free reign and don’t hold back any ideas or concepts that come into your mind.

Your Imagination – The Adventurer

Your imagination will act as a guide for your creativity. It will be the first in line to experience and sample new things you encounter along the way. It serves as an over-excited child, eager to get into trouble, but at the same time full of wonder and curiosity. Use it optimally by challenging it with difficult encounters in order to keep it challenged and engaged.

Your Willpower - The Rock Solid Performer

Your willpower is the strong silent type, the one that won’t say much about itself until it’s needed. It has few friends, doesn’t join in conversations or make dinner plans with coworkers. It just keeps going, no matter what. It will be your companion when you're sick, tired or on a tight deadline and is the only one who will always be there for you. Don't be afraid to use it often, even when it’s not needed. Just put yourself in situations that will challenge it.

Your Passion – The Firebrand

Your passion is the one who sells itself short, because it doesn’t think its creations are good enough. But in reality it’s one of your best assets, as long as you keep reminding yourself that without passion and commitment your creativity will never go anywhere. And when you open yourself to it, passion will burn like a passionate fire.

Your Drive – The Caterpillar

Your drive is your work partner, your closest confidante. It’s the only one that will tell you why you can’t do certain things and which roadblocks are in your way. Your drive will help you find the motivation to follow through with important tasks so that creativity can flourish, passion can be ignited and your imagination can possess the creative mind of a child.

You should consider yourself lucky if you have all five characters joking around at your side. It means that they are already on the same wavelength as you are.

Conclusion: Create the characters that will accompany you during your entire creation process.

How to Write Your First EBook (INTRODUCTION)

But first, you have to take a step back. To recall all of the things that have been done, learnings and interactions. Hang on to them and nurture them in order to keep them alive for the next time they'll be needed.

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