Why your site is not making money


 Why your site is not making money

If you want to know the cold hard truth, there are many reasons why your site may be failing to generate revenue. These reasons range from a lack of traffic which can result in a serious drop in advertising rates, to the wrong keywords which could be preventing you from getting noticed by potential customers. And if you're doing ALL of these things right but just haven't been able to find your way in this tough economy don't give up! In this post we'll talk about some common mistakes that people make and how they might be hurting your bottom line.

We'll take a look at what some common marketing mistakes are and how they might be hurting your bottom line.

Mistake #1: Selling products that are not unique
If you're selling the same products as everyone else on the web, then you're likely to be competing with a lot of other sites for that same traffic. So you need to step up your game and make sure that what you're selling is different enough from other similar products (both in quality and price) so that you stand out.

The first step towards making your product unique is to make sure that there's a great deal of difference in its quality. You can do this by offering a much better product at a much better price than anything else out there.

Also, you can make your product stand out by focusing on the specifics as opposed to the generics. For example, instead of selling base pan sets, try selling completely unique products that have a much higher value than similar products on the market.

Example: If you own a decorating company then you could try providing more personalized services to your clients by using personal designs which are more in line with their tastes. By providing customers with unique but personalized services they'll feel that they're getting an extremely superior product at a much lower price than what they'd pay elsewhere.

Mistake #2: Not converting enough of your visitors to customers
So you've got some great offers available on your website, but it turns out that only a small percentage of people are actually buying products from you. This type of situation is very frustrating and it can lead to feelings of frustration in your customers as well.

You can realize some tremendous benefits by getting a handle on how many customers you turn into clients. One way to do so is by setting up surveys where your visitors can answer questions about their experiences with your products. You can then use this information to improve your product offering which should lead to a more satisfied customer base.

Marketing is a large part of your business and it has to be handled well. By fixing the issues that prevent you from turning visitors into satisfied customers then you'll be able to turn more customers into clients.

Mistake #3: Not properly marketing your products and services
If you continue to rely on advertising and marketing alone, then eventually you're going to run out of money. This means no more advertisements (and in the end no more money) for you. However, as long as you've got potential customers who simply haven't visited your website, then there's a good chance that once they do they'll become clients.


If you've made some or all of the mistakes listed above, then don't worry because there's a good chance that you can fix them. Just keep in mind that marketing is a process that requires much time and effort, but it is also rewarding. By making sure that your products are unique, figuring out how many customers you're converting into clients, and by properly marketing your products and services, then you'll be on your way to finally getting the results that you deserve!


As always feel free to comment below or ask any questions about your own situation! We're here to help if we can.

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