Why You Must Know Your Traffic! The Power Of Using Web Analytics


 Why You Must Know Your Traffic! The Power Of Using Web Analytics

Web analytics gives you the tools to understand what your website traffic is doing, how long people spend on your site, and what pages they visit. It’s useful for everything from SEO to understanding why people aren't buying your products. This post will help you learn how to use web analytics, which can improve your site's efficiency and lead to a more profitable website overall!

Here are some of the most important things that web analytics can tell you:
- How many people are visiting your site every day. This is good benchmark information for understanding if people like or dislike something about the site so it can be tweaked accordingly. This is also useful for measuring the effectiveness of search engine optimization (SEO).
- How long people spend on your site. This is very useful when planning and designing the content, since looking at Google Analytics for example, will give you a clear picture of what content is most valuable to visitors. Especially if you're new to a platform or website, knowing that visitors are spending time on your site will help you understand where to focus your efforts and what content to create for visitors! Once you've made an inventory of these metrics, moving forward it'll be easier to understand the data.
- What pages are visited by users. This is useful for business owners who want to better understand the visitors to their site. For example, if you sell PDF E-books of 5-minutes workouts and you notice that people tend to quickly scroll past them, you can tweak your E-book page as well as your content on other pages - in order to make it more relevant for your audience and therefore more valuable (and influential).
The most important things that web analytics can help you improve are pages that are crawled by Google and/or search engine bots. They include:
- Your home page. This is the first page Google will crawl when looking at your site, so it's crucial that it's set up in a way that increases visitor engagement. This guide will walk you through how to do that.
- Content pages. This is the section of your site where you publish new blog posts, or update your products (videos, E-books, etc). It's also the reason why these pages are crucial for web analytics. Keep them updated regularly and they'll be easier to spot for visitors and increase their interest in visiting your site! [ARTICLE END]
Website Traffic: The Free Gift Your Website Doesn't Want You To Know About
Google Analytics is a great tool for increasing the efficiency of your website in many ways . Here's an article that will teach you how to use it effectively . Google Analytics will help you to measure your website's traffic and evaluate your marketing efforts. Below is the best way to use it .
Why You Must Know Your Traffic! The Power Of Using Web Analytics
Google Analytics is a free tool that you can download from here . Google offers a "free" version of their tool for up to 2,000 visitors, but since I'm a business owner I had to pay around $ 7 per month for using it! That's why this article was created!
Get the Free Google Analytics Tutorial (Download)
1. You must install every single piece of software on your computer . This is very crucial, as without that you won't be able to view any information from the website itself.

Google Analytics is one of the best tools on the internet for website owners, as it can help you increase your web traffic and make sure that your website is being used to its full potential!
Remember: The more you use it, the more you'll learn about your website's traffic ! And that will help you attract free visitors who might get interested in buying something from you!
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