Why Search Engines Are Adverse To Identical Content


 Why Search Engines Are Adverse To Identical Content

"Sometimes it is said that duplicate content can harm a website's search engine ranking." This statement is true, however, it could also lead to an increase in traffic. Google has changed its algorithm over the last few years. The more they see the same content across multiple websites, the more their algorithms will rank these websites. If you manage to make your site unique by adding new content regularly then you are not at a disadvantage anymore.
The most important point in this article is that everything you write or publish online should be original and unique from others so SEO's don't perceive your website as being duplicate content and no adverse affects happen on your site when other people are publishing similar information on their sites. How to come across as unique? Write a blog to teach, write a book, start a podcast or even an article share it on social media. There is nothing here that can help you but if you have something clever to say, use it!
A great service that I use regularly is SEMRush for tracking my monthly keywords performance. Simply type in your keyword and it will give you the number of searches your keyword gets. The nice thing about Google is that they will tell you how many people are searching for this keyword and their country code. If two websites are publishing the same content, only one will benefit from all the attention it gets.
I have noticed that certain domains in my account will get a boost when I use these keywords and others don't. My guess is that the feedback is coming from how often people are publishing their content on social media so it's not just one person writing and no one sharing it. However, if you are trying to do something unique in your niche and no one else is writing about this topic, people won't find it as useful as they would with your article or blog.
Let me give you an example of a great post that was published today by Michael Hyatt (author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World , #1 Amazon Bestseller!). He wrote a great article, "The 3 Best Books I Read in 2015." The power of this article is that there may be people who can't make up their minds about what book they want to buy. In the U.S., it's one of our favorite pastimes for relaxing. With so many options to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Since he wrote such a great post, now anyone who reads his blog will probably click on the Amazon link and order a book from his recommendations.
This is likely going to be a best-seller this year because Michael Hyatt has written a valuable resource list for all his readers.
The fact is, I am a huge fan of writing quality content. My blog isn't about just writing. I am also creating apps for other bloggers, blogging coach services and much more. I have seen that when people are pursuing a passion in their niche, they are spending more time making better content than others who don't have anything to write about. This can be very beneficial to your visibility!
I have another post in my drafts that will go with this one and it's about the benefits of posting on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter . I will put part one of this article here and part two here .


The whole idea of duplicate content is that it hurts you, right? Not always. If people like your article and share it on social media, then you will get more exposure. Don't worry about what the search engines are thinking. What you do online is important! You should stop caring about what other people think and use that time to write great content! Does this mean no one should write a blog or article? Of course not. People love writing about products and services they have used, but if you don't want to promote your content, don't post it online for everyone to see.

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