Where Do All These Internet Marketing 'Experts' Come From?


 Where Do All These Internet Marketing 'Experts' Come From?

Internet marketing is bad. It's dumb. And it doesn't work, but you don't know that because we're not allowed to tell you the truth about the industry and how it operates behind closed doors...

How many times have you seen an article titled "This is How You Do Internet Marketing"? Twenty? Thirty? More? Well, we're here to finally expose the truth to internet marketing — a field that's becoming more and more unattainable by the day.

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Let's begin by breaking down who these internet marketing "experts" are :

1. The Experts in the Digital Marketing Field - These are internet marketers that have been in this industry for a long time and have built up an impressive list of clients. They've had a ton of 1-way traffic that didn't convert, as well as a ton of 2-way traffic that did convert, so they now believe they must be experts because they have a ton of clients and influence. They're the ones that you'll find giving advice about how to do internet marketing on websites like Quora and Reddit.

2. The Experts in the Content Writing Field - These are internet marketer copywriters who have written for a ton of websites over the years and taught themselves what to write based on what they've read in other peoples' blogs or heard from other guru copywriters. They now think they know how to do internet marketing because they have tons of copywriting experience, but in reality, most of them are just trying to emulate what they've seen others do.

3. The Experts in the 'Teach Them How to Market' Field - These are internet marketers that have been selling their own online courses for a number of years. They've had some success, but recently they've struggled to bring in signups and make sales. Most of them blame it on Facebook or Google or their lack of marketing knowledge and therefore think they know how to do internet marketing because they now see it as their job to teach other people how to market.

4. The Experts in the "I Used To Do It" Field - These are internet marketers that used to be successful, but now they're struggling because the times have changed. They're still paid to do affiliate marketing and make money every month, but they struggle because the market's changing, and many of the old techniques they used to use just don't work anymore. They now think they know how to do internet marketing because they have a ton of email subscribers and aren't making money anymore, so they now market themselves like other people in their niche.

5. The Experts in the 'Guru' Field - These are people that have been on Twitter for years knowing how to craft what to say next or how to add a consistent amount of value without saying anything at all. They've been able to build themselves up by sending out links and content over time that helped them build an authority.

Conclusion: The majority of these internet marketing "experts" will probably end up doing nothing.
But why?
Because their method of doing internet marketing is no longer effective . No longer do they have to find a niche, fill it with content, and then build it up. No longer do they have to find the best way to create their own email list. No longer do they need a video series in order to teach others how to do internet marketing or how to grow a business online.

In reality, there's no real secret trick involved in internet marketing that you can only learn from the internet marketing gurus. They all misinterpret what's worked for them in the past and over-complicate things that are just stupid really...

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