What is Podcasting?


 What is Podcasting?

Podcasts are on the rise. The number of podcasts available has exploded from about 400,000 in 2005 to nearly 100 million in 2017. Podcast listenership is on the rise too. With more people looking for a way to fill scheduled time, podcasts offer a convenient and entertaining option for both commuters and at-home listeners alike.

This is your ultimate guide to podcasting! I’ll cover everything you need to know from how they got started, what this means for radio stations, and best practices for creating your own podcast with little or no experience.

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What is Podcasting? By Gary Leland What is Podcasting? Thanks to its ability to connect people around the world in seconds and its low cost of entry, podcasting makes any person with an idea a producer with a potential global audience. It’s easy to set up, but it’s also hard work. Chances are you won’t make any money from podcasting either. But for those who take the time to do it right, podcasting can be an effective way to communicate with your audience and also a very profitable way to communicate. How Podcasting Got Started Did you know there were podcasts over 10 years ago? The first podcast was created on May 1, 2001 in San Francisco by Marc Maron of the popular WTF Podcast. Marc used a Sony MZ-N500 portable cassette recorder and four microphones strapped into his clothes—a bit of technology that could only be described as Batman-like. The 4Minute Rule The biggest challenge facing new podcasters is simply keeping up with an ever-increasing stream of content. The pressure to produce new content is tremendous. But if you can’t keep up, how will people find your podcast? This is where the “4 Minute Rule” comes in; you can’t put out a podcast unless it is four minutes or less. I know what you are thinking — four minutes is not enough time to get my point across, and I want more time for storytelling. There are some stories that have such an impact on the listener that they want more time for them to develop. It really doesn’t take much more than two hours to create a first episode and ensure that everything you say makes sense and has value to the audience as well as your content providers.

Conclusion Podcasting is easy. If you can read, you can do it. A lot of people are afraid to even start because they think they don’t know enough about audio or video editing, or they think they don’t have a good enough idea. The truth is, there are a lot of people who already do this for a living and are experts at it. They will go through your idea and make it into something exceptional. And that is just the tip of the podcasting iceberg.

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