What Is A Mousewife?


 What Is A Mousewife?

Growing up in the 1950s as the daughter of a housewife and father, I can say with some authority that we lived in an era dominated by rigid gender roles. Women were expected to continuously maintain their houses, juggle their children with their spouse, and run errands for the man of the house. If you weren’t born into wealth your only hope was to marry someone who had it, even if that meant accepting a marriage proposal made by a much older man with four children from his first wife as he claimed his health was declining and he needed to have someone younger to take care of him.

There were some outcasts that tried to buck this trend, those of us who worked in offices or were artists, but most of us lived quiet lives of submission and obedience. If you weren’t satisfied with the roles assigned to you by your gender, there really wasn’t much room for growth. 
The author is a Counselor at the Los Angeles Marriage and Family Therapist's Association. She is a Registered Nurse who has been working as an individual therapist since 1987. Her practice is in Los Angeles, California. She is the author of seven books including What Is A Mousewife? What Men Really Want . Her latest book is Healing Men's Hearts .
She writes for other sites including: http://www.mousewife.com/
Marking this as a "good article" on the Rational Male Discussion Forum. I'm going to copy your response below, and post it in many places: Good Article for the Boys Club I've been reading one entitled, What is a Mousewife? [1] in which the author successfully relates how her respective husband treats her with disdain and disrespect.  Instead of letting the poor woman be used up as a punching bag, the author comes up with an idea which she argues will allow him to finally get her to shut up and do what she's told.  If you read the article, it's a clever idea which allows said wife to maintain some semblance of dignity and restore the old patriarchal order. [1] http://www.mousewife.com/2011/02/what-is-a-mousewife/#comments You can also find the article at: http://mousewives.blogspot.com/2011/02/what-is-mousewife.html Reply Delete
Peter, I just copied your letter above to an email I sent her asking for permission to promote this article on my blog. She has not yet responded but I'll let you know if she accepts or not once she does or doesn't respond by email. Reply Delete
I would like permission to promote it on my blog "A Voice For Men". I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Reply Delete
Sure! That's fine with me. You have my approval to do so if you want. I don't tend to monitor comments on other forums that much, so you may never hear back from me about them, but why don't you contact me at mousewife@gmail.


The Rational Male has a case of the whoopsies. The author cannot seem to get his head out of the sand regarding the issue of "proof" and he is quick to "call out" askance anyone who brings any shred of hard evidence or research with them. This poor man has completely and utterly lost his edge in this game. He's simply not ready for real life yet. 
It does seem a bit strange that he would refer to a book that is so totally devoid of any evidence regarding female nature at all, and yet cites it as if it were fact with no proof whatsoever.

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