What Is A Brochure Site?


 What Is A Brochure Site?

A brochure site is a type of website that is typically aimed at local business and organizations. The design usually entails a lot of white space, with only images, headlines, and other important information on the page.

If you've been looking to create an online presence for your small business or organization and want to stand out from the crowd, then you're in luck! With these six tips on what it takes to create a successful brochure site, we'll have you well on your way in no time. 

Keep scrolling for more information about these best practices for making sure your site gets noticed! 

1) Use bright colors and contrast-rich text.

These elements create an inviting and welcoming environment for your visitors. Bright colors will make your site more memorable, while contrast-rich text will make it stand out among others.

2) Use a layout that involves plenty of white space.

White space is the key to creating a pleasant browsing experience for your website visitors. Using white space helps organize content on the page so that it's easily readable from across the screen. It also allows you to create interesting visual elements in the background and use full-width space for certain sections of your site. 

3) Use images strategically and strategically include them on your pages.

Images create a nice balance between text and images, which allows you to create a visually appealing design while also being read and navigated without confusion. Make sure your images are specific to your home page or blog post. If you want to add relevance to the image, consider making it the focal point of your page or post.

4) Develop a well-organized menu for each site section.

Try not to use too many links in your menus as it can be difficult for users to move around your website when there's too many. Use words that denote the main topic of each page found on those menus; for example, "Our Services" on one site and "About Us" on another site.

5) Make use of periodic topics.

Using the "topic" option in your blog template can help you to track what your visitors are interested in. This will allow you to cater to their specific needs. For example, if someone visits your site and is looking for information about "watering plants," then make sure you have an entire blog post dedicated to the topic. 

6) Add a call-to-action on every page, especially on your subscription pages and other pages that ask for action or participation from users.

You can easily do this by adding a "like" button on your Facebook account, or you can have people subscribe to your newsletter via a popup or other activity. Make sure you don't make the "call-to-action" overwhelming, but still stay focused on what you want users to do after visiting your site. 

7) Try using a newsletter subscription widget.

This widget allows users to sign up for your email newsletter while they are on your site. You can customize it so that it matches the color scheme of your website and add icons if needed. This makes it more likely for viewers to sign up for this important feature on your website.


Once you have all of these best practices and tips in mind when it comes to creating a brochure site, you can start building your site. We recommend using the services of an experienced company like Pecarme Graphics. This will help you to create a stunning and engaging website for your business or organization. Contact us today at 800-916-1095 or send an email to us at sales@pecarmegraphics.

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