Net etiquette is the social norms and conventions, whether implicit or explicit, that govern the use of the internet.

The Internet is a place where you can find all kinds of information from the most meaningful to the most mundane. This can be beneficial for both yourself and those around you. However, it also provides an opportunity to make mistakes which might not have occurred offline. Here are some guidelines on how to avoid common ills that might arise from careless internet use...

Write an introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled "What Illegal Drugs Will Kill You If You Consume Them?". Write an introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled "What Illegal Drugs Will Kill You If You Consume Them?".
Write a review about a product Who does this?
Things you'll need: fake blood, baby powder, tampons, nail polish.
Things you'll do: First make sure all your instruments are clean and go over them with the bleach and water solution. After that all you have to do is cut open the plastic bag, put in as much fake blood as you can along with other materials of your choice. When it dries up add some more water or fake blood. The final step is to paint a face on it using nail polish and give life to it by putting a tampon in the mouth.
All you need is a playing card, a clock, a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.
Things you'll do: Take the playing card and divide it into two parts. In one part you will have a cigarette in the other just make strokes put the two parts together and color them black then take nail polish to give them life. After that use the lighter to make them burn. Done!
Things you'll need: A birthday cake (preferably ordered), rope, white paper, scissors and candles (2).
Things you'll do: First of all, you will need to cut the cake into slices a little thicker than 5mm. After that, you will need to lay a piece of rope over the table in such a way that it seems like there is a stack of paper underneath. Move the candles either up or down on the table, and put them on top of one another so they look like flames. Next place an apple in your mouth and take some white paper and fold it into four identical squares. The candles should be placed at each corner of the square and must look like they are stuck into a wall. Lastly, place a cake slice on top of the note in such a way that it looks like it is sticking out through the wall. This completes your model.
People will enjoy what they get for free and will most likely use it to explore new things
Things you'll need: a computer with internet connection, an application or games, and an array of paper and pens.
Things you'll do: In this activity you have to think of different events which could take place on a paper plane. For example if the plane flies over water then it will be called a wet mission.

Conclusion: I hope you enjoyed this presentation and I hope that you will use these ideas the next time you go online.

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