What I Have Learnt As A Beginner To Internet Online Business


 What I Have Learnt As A Beginner To Internet Online Business

I have been doing this business for only 3 months and I am happy to be a beginner. It is not easy but I am learning from my mistakes and doing my best. The feedback has been good so far and it is nice seeing people enjoy the products.

I hope by reading the post, you will see that there are different types of online business out there. Everyone should find what they enjoy doing most so they can succeed in life instead of just working to pay bills or going to school with no end in sight.

I am posting this because I have learnt so much from the internet and hope to share some of the things that I have learned with you. It is important to start by saying that success does not come overnight, its a process, and it takes perseverance. Please note: don't be discouraged if things take time because most entrepreneurs work hard for their businesses to succeed.

There is a saying in America "I'm trying to do better than my parents"I guess my goal is similar to that. My parents were quite poor as my dad was an alcoholic, so did not stay around too long in the family for my mum. As far back as I can remember, my parents have always had to work hard for a living because of my dad. I don't know where we would be without them.

My first job was in a supermarket and it was horrible! I hated it!! Anyway, after 3 months I left the job because of what the management were doing, so it was time for me to move on to another job.

I remember telling my mum that I wanted to become rich so that we could buy lots of nice things for ourselves and our family, like houses and cars. She didn't think too much about it but told me that you cannot buy houses with money you make online (at least not in Australia). She told me that it is a spending thing and if I want to buy something nice for myself or our family, then I should get a job working hard to earn the money to do so.

She was right, you can't buy a house with online business making money because there are so many things that need to be spent on, your car, your power bill and everything else. But I still want to make money online and am concentrating on doing so because I do believe that there are better ways to make money using the internet than most people know about.

I have been working for close to 10 years now on a job that I don't like. All the while, my parents had always said, "you should start your business, you will be rich one day". Once again, it is not that easy and they were right all along.

I have tried many times in the past to start my own business and it was a total disaster going from one thing to another (it was only a couple of months ago that I discovered some people call this "the hamster wheel").

Conclusion - many people say that it isn't hard to start online business:

1. All you need is a little bit of money

2. All you need is an internet connection

3. You don't need to know anything (but you will need a willingness to learn).

    * [LINK] When I started my online business, I thought that I needed to become rich and follow the crowd simply because they are doing well. I thought if they were making money, it must be easy for me to do the same thing. My view of what could be successful quickly changed when I saw them doing something different from everyone else, resulting in huge success despite being the youngest in the industry.

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