What Does it Really Take to Make Money Online?


 What Does it Really Take to Make Money Online?

So you want to make money online, but how do you actually do it? There are so many people making lots of promises about making money on the internet - marketing techniques and courses that promise they'll teach you how to make a living from a laptop - but it's hard to know who to believe and what will work for you. We've done some research on the topic so that we can give you an answer at last.
!*[[The Key Elements of How To Make Money Online]]*!

This article will break down for you some of the best ways to start earning an income online with minimal effort (so yes, we have found something other than MLM). Each of the strategies we'll cover can help you to earn different amounts of money - you may earn more with one strategy than another depending on your own circumstances, but we will take you through all the options so that you can decide what's best for your situation.

#1: Work from Home
You've probably heard of this as a legitimate way to make money online, but there are lots of companies online who promise they'll make you a work at home employee and that it's as simple as filling out an application.  Well, firstly that application is a job application and if they like it enough they'll interview you for the position.  Secondly, there's no way to guarantee that they'll hire you, even if you've filled it out to the best of your ability.
Did anyone say scam?
However, working at home can be a legitimate way to make money online if you know what you're doing.  There are several ways you can do this - for example, you can become a virtual assistant . This is a service that lots of companies need help with but don't have the time or capability to provide themselves (or they might be too busy).  It's also an ideal job for people who need flexi-time , part time hours or wish to work from home as it suits them.
You can join websites where you can provide your service to lots of different companies and then take on jobs where you're paid by the hour or project.  If there's a project that needs doing, and someone willing to pay for it, it's a great way to earn quick money.  Your salary may fluctuate each month depending on how many hours of work you have but there are lots of people who are happy working this way - especially if they only need pocket money here and there.
Another option for making money online this way is to become a virtual assistant .  Companies need help with things like email, social media and other basic tasks that don't take up masses of time, but that they'd still like assistance with.  You can browse adverts for these kinds of jobs on Craigslist, or create your own website advertising yourself as a virtual assistant, and then wait for the calls to roll in.  
Still sounds too good to be true?  It definitely can be if you're not careful - we recommend joining the secret facebook group for serious work from home jobs to see what's out there first hand.
#2: Freelance writing
Now you might not have thought that's a legitimate way to make money online, but there are many websites out there who will pay you to write about the topics that interest you.  For example, there are a number of websites where you can earn cash by writing reviews of particular products or services.  You get paid according to what your readers buy and how much they like the product or service.  The more products or services sold on your website, the more money it pays out - it's an easy way to make instant cash (even if the pay is small for now).

So there you have it - two ways to earn quick cash online from home.  The best way may well be the one that suits you best as it will depend on your own personal circumstances, but this is a start-off point for you.  Best of luck in your search for hard earned money!
#3: Online Surveys and such
One thing a lot of people forget when starting out is that the internet has changed everything since the first internet boom (around 1993) when everyone was running their own business.

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