Web Promotion And Web Design Tips For Free


 Web Promotion And Web Design Tips For Free

If you are looking to get more visitors to your web page, blog or social media profile, there are many things that you can do to increase traffic and social media engagement. This blog post will share tips for web promotion as well as design tips for free. 

First lets start with the tricks of web promotion. 
To create a professional look on your internet site, make sure that you have a consistent color scheme and theme throughout all pages on your website. For example use yellow for special features like the home page slider or some other specific type of widget like an interactive map by using red borders around it. This will help your visitors to easily identify what type of content is on the page. Always have large images that will grab attention right away. The main image should be at least 800 pixels wide and the background should be either a color or black and white. Make sure that you have a solid html5 and css3. It is important to use plugins like easy social sharing, Facebook share buttons, Twitter share tools, Google +1 button or similar plugins to display social media icons on your blog posts or website. All these icons will help you make your blog posts more visible to the internet users who are interested in this topic such as your family and friends who are looking for new blogs on the internet. 

When it comes to making changes or updates to your website, you should do them when the least amount of people are online. This is because people are most active on the internet during business hours from 9am-5pm so you will want to make sure that you are not making any changes during this time. You should schedule when you will make changes and updates on your web site in your social media or if you prefer emailing yourself reminders. Also do not forget about having a contact form on your site for users to request information. You can also consider a service like http://www.getmorecustomersnow.com/ that has information for web design and promotion.

Next, lets take focus on some design tips for free. You can have a website or blog without any stying on it at all. You will need to have some sort of header and footer that you wish to have but other than that, you are able to get everything else for free online and not have to pay anything for web design. The free services consist of website builders that allow you to add your own pictures or images such as Twitter Bootstrap examples http://foundation-site.zurb.com/examples/twitter-bootstrap/. There are also many templates that just about any designer has made completely free such as Unsplash https://unsplash.com/. These templates are not made to sell and they are up all the time without having a monthly fee to use them. You will want to make sure that while you are installing the template or editing that you add in your own creative touches. This will set your site apart from everyone else's. 

To help keep track of what should be on every page, you should use http://www.getpageseletionpro.com/ on top of the web builder to give you suggestions or questions that need answered through google forms and surveys. This can help improve your site by knowing what your users think about your products, services, etc before you even do anything on the site at all.

Conclusion: To gain more traffic and social media engagement, there are many things that you can do. Below are just a few of these tips for promotion and design.

1: Make sure to keep your website consistent in theme, color scheme, and header image throughout all pages on your site.
2. Use social media icons to make sure that people can easily find your blog posts or website content on the internet from their favorite social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit or others.
4: Install WordPress plugins such as easy social sharing to allow users to share your blog posts on their favorite social media profiles or  http://www.getpageseletionpro .

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