Vox Populi: Popular podcasts on the net

 Vox Populi: Popular podcasts on the net

It's hard to pick out the best podcasts, but it's easy to find some good ones. Here are a few popular podcasts on the net that you might want to check out.

1) Convos With My 2-Year-Old: Julia Furlan talks about her day with her two-year old daughter: how their days go, what they do and why, and what she thinks about as a mom of a toddler. 
2) This American Life: A weekly hour-long show hosted by Ira Glass and distributed nationally on public radio stations across America. 
3) Radiolab: Jad Abumrad is interested in the nuances of existence. So are his guests, who are fascinating people with big ideas and the verbal dexterity to match. And they're all trying to understand the way we live now by exploring topics as vast and diverse as death, sleep, everything, and nothing. 

4) How To Do Everything: A podcast for everyone who has ever wondered how to do anything .5) The Adam Carolla Show: In January 2009, Adam Carolla signed a new contract with CBS Radio that will have him hosting three programs on three of their stations (two in Los Angeles). The Adam Carolla Show is now syndicated nationally in over 60 cities—and you can listen to it on PodcastOne every week.

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"Podcast" was originally a blend of the words "broadcast" or "podcast", and "itunes". A podcast is an audio or digital file distributed via the Internet in the form of an episodic series (usually with added graphics and sound effects), which can be downloaded to a computer or other device to play on demand or continuously". According to a June 2007 article in the Washington Post "The first podcast was broadcast to subscribers of Alexa Internet's technology news site by Marc Maron on March 12, 2005. Maron offered to "narrowly define podcasting as a series of coherent items that could be subscribed to and downloaded using computers or other devices."




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