Valid Ways To Increase Your Link Popularity


 Valid Ways To Increase Your Link Popularity

Link popularity refers to the number of social network shares a link has, according to what search engines see about the content. Getting your content shared is one surefire way of increasing its author's visibility and traffic. There are actually several ways that you can boost your link popularity beyond just posting links to social networks. Here are some top tips on how to increase your link popularity, without all the extra effort!

If you want more share for more people to see..

-Post your content on websites like Buzzfeed or Upworthy where they have tons of likes and shares. They'll be able to build additional reach easily from those platforms as well. If you don't have much reach, dont worry. You can always purchase more social followers and social shares to increase your popularity.

-Boost your content by sharing it from other sources on the web that has large reach. One of the best ways to do this is by posting it on forums or blogs where many people go to get their daily dose of information. A lot of times they'll repost your content to their followers as well! But be careful here, because a lot of people will be out there looking for free content, and a lot will start posting stolen content on forums and blogs.

-Share your content with popular niche sites like Squidoo, or Reddit. These sites will give you a good size boost, as well as the opportunity to get involved on their communities and even receive paid consulting for helping others out.

-Post it as a guest on other people's sites for exposure gain. This method is best used when you're looking for something bigger than just social shares. The great thing about this approach is that if you're not experienced in this field, the only time you'll have to put in any work is when you create the content itself, then post it to your chosen site of choice!

If you want more fans on your Facebook page..

-Post your content on Facebook to boost its reach. You can do this by simply creating a page and posting your content directly to that page. You can also enter the "Share" option in your profile from there in order to easily share your page with all of your friends and family! Also, if you follow professionals on Facebook professionally, there are plenty of ways you can apply for their audience pages as well!

If you want to get more Twitter followers..

-One great way to increase the popularity of a Twitter account is by giving them away for free. You can do this by offering to post the top Tweets of the day on your Twitter account. Simply find a number of users on Twitter that want to get more exposure via their tweets, and then make an offer for them!

-Boost your presence in other locations by tweeting from other accounts as well. Just remember to #Hashtag and use a pre-written speech in order to increase your networking reach!

All of these tips are ONLY good if you have actually created some good content that is share-worthy.

Conclusion  to Increase your Link Popularity

These are all great tips to get your social media pages and websites more attention. You may even have gained a few fans along the way as well! However, this is by no means the link popularity that search engines see. This will only give you a small boost to increase your current reach, but it won't help you rank in the long run!

So remember to not only post links from online communities like Reddit or Twitter, but create quality content that people will want to share with their friends and family so you can see results! Check out my article on how to create good content if you want some tips on what exactly makes for good content.

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