Traffic/Hit Exchanges, How to get More from Them.


 Traffic/Hit Exchanges, How to get More from Them.

If you're writing blogs for a business or want to rank your article in Google or other search engines, then it might be time to see what Traffic Exchanges are all about.

A traffic exchange is where you trade links and hits with other websites. All of the websites on a traffic exchange have the same content and are ranked by their visitors' preferences, which means that if yours doesn't rank well, others will share some of its visitors with it.. Most exchanges allow you to choose your level of involvement - from just one link-trade per day to ongoing interaction with every website on the site.

Websites can be joined for free or at a nominal membership fee. Paid membership will give you many more options depending on your needs and how much time you have to spend on the site. The following are three of the most well-known and popular Traffic Exchanges:

1. The first is - . You'll have to complete an application before you can start using the site, which only takes a few minutes to complete . You can adjust your preferences on their system which means that you won't get bothered by hits from sites that offer adult content, bad language, etc .

2. Another excellent traffic exchange is AdBucks - . It's a very easy site to get started on and can be one of your main sources of free traffic . Many people are looking to exchange traffic with this site, because the ratio is always very good. You can hit as many pages as you like for each of your links, which means you'll have more chances to be seen in the search engines if you submit a link to lots of pages on the Network Sites page - here you'll find a list of websites for all kinds of interests and hobbies, each linked up with others within that niche .

3. The third site is MyWebAuction - . Here you'll find a large number of links to websites within your area of expertise, which allows you to increase the effectiveness of your sales if they're related to the sites' content. You can choose how far away the sites are from your own but you might want to consider including overseas ones in these exchanges as well. The site allows you to check out other people's auctions and buy links directly from them by bidding on their links. There is a fee for this, but it's very small and worth it for the traffic that can be created when you use this site as a venue.

These are just a few of the many sites that offer Traffic Exchanges, but it's worth spending some time exploring them all to see what suits your needs. To get started, check out our Top 100 articles for ideas and inspiration. Just remember that these sites can be very addictive and you might find yourself spending more time than you planned on them, so take care to keep your balance between clicks to other websites and writing new content for your site. Remember that the quality of traffic can be affected by how many times other people have seen your page, so if you are getting a lot of hits from a particular site then don't hesitate to make some changes such as adding more relevant keywords or expanding your keyword targets in Google.


Traffic exchanges can be a great way to exchange links with other websites, and if you do this carefully they can help your website to gain traffic from others. To get the best results from traffic exchanges, you need to get involved in them for the long term - you should try to build up credits as quickly as possible then spend more and more time on them in order to gain referrals from other sites. Remember that traffic exchanges are hit-based, so if one site seems to have a lot of hits that aren't converting into sales or signups for your business or website then move on.

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