Traffic Sells ClickBank Products - but what if I cant afford to buy traffic?


 Traffic Sells ClickBank Products - but what  if  I cant afford  to buy traffic?

Few people want to go the traditional route when it comes to advertising their website. They would rather focus on creating content that is relevant and valuable for their audience than worrying about how they are going to drive traffic to it. After all, if the content you create isn't interesting or valuable, what's the point?

But in a world where acquiring new customers has become increasingly difficult, driving traffic can be your primary source of search engine rankings and revenue. And while there are many ways to get traffic, one option is advertising with clickable ads on websites like ClickBank.
and the results can be extremely lucrative.
For example, a campaign built on getting clicks on ads was able to turn an initial $50 investment into over $2500 (according to And according to ClickBank's own terms and conditions, "revenue sharing" is available for all sales made through their advertising network.
But what if you're not ready to invest thousands of dollars in traffic? What if you're a newbie looking for a way to generate traffic without spending huge sums?  (Or maybe you're an expert in some niche and are ready for the next step in your business).  
You could always try pay per click advertising such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Adcenter.
Or you could even try building your own mailing list from scratch.
But, all of these have one thing in common. They require money to keep running. Pay per click needs money to pay for the ads, building a list needs money for advertising costs, and even offline traffic generation methods like print or TV still need some investment.
They also require that you hustle like crazy to find the right people to advertise yo ur products or services too, which can be expensive and time consuming. And generally it's not easy for absolute beginners to get started with any of these approaches. 
Fortunately there's another way: Earn money from others' traffic by doing something that you already do everyday: driving .
But while driving for money does sound good on the surface, it can be a double edged sword. How are you supposed to get paid from your employer if you're spending all of your time driving around other people? do you make money if other people are getting paid from your driving?
Make Your Traffic Work for YOU!
Fortunately there are ways to keep some of your compensation while still enabling others to benefit from your traffic. The secret is in the details. 
There's no doubt that buying traffic can be expensive . All of those ads and links that you see online have to pay for themselves somehow, and someone is paying for them. That's why it takes a lot of traffic to make a large sum.
But like everything else in the world, there are different ways to get your money. And if you know how traffic is paid for, and how much people will pay for your traffic, you can control the flow of money and keep it where it belongs: in your pocket.
The secret is in understanding how much traffic drives for each paid click.
So let's look at the details of each method and see how they differ from one another.
1.) Paid Traffic: You Get Paid By The Number Of Clicks You Get And The Amount That Is Paid To You For Each Click 
This is how most "click portals" work .

Conclusion:  If you're ready to drive your car for money, this is probably not the best approach for you. This campaign model requires a lot of driving and probably won't pay well.
If you have an excellent skillset as a driver, you can drive for others without getting paid directly for it , but it's not the traditional approach.
While I do suggest starting out here by driving your own car and get used to the business model, eventually you'll want to build up your business and be able to work less. If so then read on…
Remember that paid traffic is only paying for clicks that are made against specific campaigns.

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