Traffic Exchanges : Why You Should Steer Clear


 Traffic Exchanges : Why You Should Steer Clear

Have you heard about traffic exchanges? These are services that you pay for, and in return they put your website’s link on their site. But, it's not worth the money. Websites that use this system will have a link to your site and vice versa. You'll end up with a list of sites full of links to irrelevant websites that distract from the ones you want people to see.

There are better ways to get traffic online than paying for more links in some other website's sidebar or footer. Spend time creating quality content and building relationships with influencers rather than throwing money away on something like this.


Title: Traffic Exchanges : More Money, More Problems
Posted by: Nitin | Date: June 4, 2011 | Topic: Traffic Exchanges | Permalink  | Comment (1)    | Quote | Print This Post ------------------------------------------------------- Title: Why We Are Not Here To Promote Traffic Exchanges
Posted by: Top Seo | Date: January 1, 2011 | Topic: Competitor Analytics | Permalink  | Comment (3)    | Quote I've been mulling over this for a while. Traffic exchanges are the worst thing to ever happen on the internet. They allow people to put links to other sites without giving anything in return. It's forums and forums for links. There is no SEO in a traffic exchange, just people who get their foot in the door of other sites... And if they want to promote their site that they got off of these forums...well, they can't do it without "exchanging" something which leads one down a path that leads nowhere nice.
Posted by: R. Scott | Date: January 1, 2011 | Topic: Traffic Exchanges | Permalink  | Comment (0)    | Quote We have been using one for about six weeks now and we have had 3 posts on the front page, which is not really a lot for our small unique niche site. The traffic has been fantastic and we have received some really good links from these people to boot. Also, we have not had any negative feedback so far. The only exception was a site who filter (or "dshield" as they call it) their links to avoid spam... that may be the other half of the equation though... Either way, we are not sure if its worth the "risk" of using one in our niche. It is hard to compete with sites who will pay for links, but you get what you pay for. We are also wondering how much traffic we can get with our site if we stick with a more standard approach... Any thoughts?
Posted by: R. Scott | Date: January 1, 2011 | Topic: Competitor Analytics | Permalink  | Comment (0)    | Quote I recently reviewed the results from a traffic exchange and the results were amazing. In fact, it was quite easy to watch it grow over time. We got on the first few weeks and the site had already had some great links pointing to their site. I would recommend this as a good way to build up your link profile because of some quality backlinks. Just remember, they are not real people; these are unique links that have no negative impact on your site's content. Unless you make them pay for something, they are yours for life!
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There are many benefits to signing up for the traffic exchange, but it’s still not going to be as effective as working hard on building your own website and getting links from other websites. Traffic exchanges are a great way to test what many people would consider “old-school” SEO methods, but for the most part, they won’t work when you take into consideration everything that actually goes on behind the scenes. The only option is to build your own site and get quality links from other websites before you rely on a traffic exchange.

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