Traffic attraction by submitting articles actually works


 Traffic attraction by submitting articles actually works

I had no idea it was possible to download hundreds of articles for free and submit them into various newspapers just in the hope that some of them will get published. But now I have a master plan to write out my content, submit it on numerous websites, and make sure it gets published. Of course, this can be done with any topic you are passionate about — anything from sweets to social media is fair game. This tool has changed my life so much that I can now enjoy reading articles once again without having to pay for a single paper. I have been trying to read the news every day, but now I have found something that makes it so much easier.

I am no expert writer, and I know this fact about myself better than anyone else. However, when it comes to news writing and submission, there is no difference between me and a professional. I want to make sure you understand this amazing tool, so you can start enjoying it as much as I do. Now let's jump right into the action!

What is the best way to find free article directories ?

First thing we need to do is check out a comprehensive list of article directories where we can submit our content. It is a good idea to find out more about each directory, so that we can choose the best ones. Let me share with you a great resource that can help you find different directories — Nifty Resources. The directory is free and they claim the list they provide is constantly updated. Just check out some of the most popular directories on their list:

1. Article Dashboard

2. Articleopolis

3. Ezine Articles

4. Go Articles Directory

5. List of Article Directories

6. Ole Article Directory

7. Post Articles

8. Submit Article

9. Submit Hub Articles (from the guys who bring you List Builders)

10. Articles Base (with a list of articles on different topics)

11. Article Bin (over 1 million articles so far)

All of the directories mentioned above will help you find relevant article directories and submit your content there without worrying more about them or having to pay for anything at all! Now let's get back to our main goal — choosing the best ones for submission and starting with them one by one.

How to choose the best article directories ?

I tried a few of the directories on Nifty Resources' list and can definitely recommend them. I posted articles to some of them with no hesitation and they all got approved within hours. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find an article directory that appreciates your content, otherwise it will be pointless — there are thousands of them out there, so you just have to find the one that's right for you. Just relax and try your luck for a while until you find a good one. I have been using Article Dashboard since last year, and although they've been doing this since 2011, their service is still as amazing as ever.


There are plenty of article directories out there, but if you start using the ones I mentioned above, you can guarantee yourself that the content you submit will be published. I am planning to publish 100-200 posts per month to a few different directories. Sometimes this number goes up to 400 and I am still trying new ways of using these platforms for traffic generation. Now let's talk about methods of creating articles and how they can be useful for your business.

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