The Top Five Ways You Can Generate Low Cost Website Traffic


 The Top Five  Ways You Can Generate Low Cost Website Traffic

One of the most difficult and daunting aspects of running a website is getting enough traffic. Every website owner has to find their own way to generate web traffic, but those who do, generally have much more success.

We've put together these 5 tips that will show you how you can use methods to get your site visitors that won't cost a thing!

1) The first strategy we recommend is creating an SEO-friendly website. This is vital in today's day and age because it affects how high ranking your website will be on search engines like Google and Yahoo. You should make sure that your site has pages for keywords, headline tags, meta descriptions as well as keywords in the content body itself. Also, when you write content for the site, it is best to use keywords in the end of sentences and in the title of the post. Don't worry; if your content doesn't have many keywords, then you won't be penalized or penalized severely by search engine spiders.

An example of a keyword-heavy post can be found here.

2) The second method is to pay to list your website on a popular directory like Google's Directory or Yahoo Directory. This can be done through Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Link (PPL). You can also try holding a contest for your website where you will have to sell your company, product or service in order to win. This strategy is much more effective than using PPC as it doesn't cost you anything.

If you would like to find out more about how to get listed on the search engines, we have a post that can help you over on our blog titled How To Get Your Site Listed On The Search Engines.

3) The third tactic is to pay for traffic and sales leads on a network like LeadPages. LeadPages will give your website visitors multiple ways of entering contact information, which means they may reach out with their email address or phone number and become interested in your business in the future. Despite this, they will not be able to see your website nor will they be able to purchase anything. However, this is the best way to generate traffic without spending a dime.

4) The fourth method is to find a blog that is similar to your own and promote it on your site. The method of promoting other blogs can work for you in many ways. It can give you a chance to promote your business and product or service, but it also gives you a chance to improve your own website traffic.  

5) The fifth method is to use an online advertisement. Many websites like Taboola will allow you to display banner advertisements in the sidebar or even on other sites that will link back to yours. Again, this strategy doesn't cost a cent and can be extremely effective for driving in traffic.
Paid methods are great but there is nothing better than free traffic generation methods. With just one of these strategies, you should be able to start receiving traffic within 24 hours.

Conclusion: Four great ways to generate free traffic to your website.

The most important thing is you will want to choose the best ones for yourself. There are many that will give you more than enough traffic to open a business, but not all websites that have a high average of visitors can be trusted. You have to make sure before ever paying for any of these websites that they are totally ethical and reputable websites. With this in mind, we can summarize the main points in this article with some of the following statements:
1) Choose keywords, and try to implement them into your content and titles of every page.

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