The Seeds of Lasting Internet Profits for the Internet Novice


 The Seeds of Lasting Internet Profits for the Internet Novice

For the Internet novice, it can be tempting to just follow the crowd and start any old way. But this is a colossal mistake: success on the Web requires a deliberate and calculated approach that starts with selecting the best niche, followed by meaningful content. Make your experience successful by following these steps today!

-Review your choices for domains, URLs and Google-ability before you buy.

-Find the perfect niche, not the perfect site.

-Create quality content that is both informative and useful.

-Use keywords carefully and sparingly, if at all.

-Find what works, and do more of it! And for a full PDF version of this article visit:

Internet Profit Secrets Revealed
by Melissa Rogers <>
Author of: Internet Profit Secrets Revealed, The Intro: To be successful on the Internet, you must have a strong online presence. Even if you're not a professional writer or webmaster, once you have an online portfolio of your own design, you'll naturally start to get the attention of potential customers. But equally important is building up your social connections and your credibility with existing ones. This is what will give you real value to offer others online and earn consistent income from your efforts in the meantime.

Internet Success Secrets Revealed has been a popular blog on internet marketing since 2009, despite apparently no solid evidence of its author having any expertise beyond spamming the comment section of his blog with paid advertisements for other sites he owns. The complaint is detailed at the site Complaint Board:

Conclusion by Mike "socialmike" Cavanaugh, a computer programmer with a Master's degree from Michigan State University who has been studying internet marketing for over 10 years.
I first took an interest in the Internet in 1995. I took an intro computer programming class and was interested in hearing about the hottest new browser at the time - Mosaic. The professor mentioned that Netscape had just released a very cool looking browser, and he asked if we thought it could be commercialized well enough to make money.

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