The Secret Of How To Get Noticed By Google


 The Secret Of How To Get Noticed By Google

To get noticed by Google, you need to be up on the latest SEO trends. It's hard work and takes time, but if you want some guaranteed results then it's worth doing. There were a lot of factors that go into SEO rankings, and all of them must be covered for the best possible outcome. One way to do this is by joining forums in your niche however it may take a while before you're seen as an expert and can have any influence over the community. Another way is to start blogging about topics in your area of expertise so people will seek you out specifically for advice or tips because they know your site has great information or insight that they want to read about. SEO is an ever evolving creature which means you should try and keep up to date on the newest trends or you'll end up falling behind your competitors.

Here are a few tips that can help you rank higher with Google.

1. Content Blogs Should be Well Written, In-Depth, and Informative

A lot of blogs are poorly written content that has terrible grammar and spelling errors. Poorly written blogs will hardly get noticed by Google since the content is garbage and nobody wants to read it, at least not with any regularity. You want the posts on your blog to be well-written which means sticking to proper grammar (no short cuts like text speak)and avoiding typos whenever possible. Quality content will make readers want to keep coming back to your blog.

2. Create Content that is Relevant to Your Audience

The people who are reading your blogs should be the exact type of individual you're targeting in search. The same thing goes with SEO, when you're writing posts about online marketing or internet marketing you want to write them so that they're on-topic for your audience. If you don't know who your audience is then start by doing some research and figure out what type of people are in there; what age group, gender, income level, etc. Once you've figured out who your audience is then write posts that are relevant to what they want to know.

When writing about topics in your area of expertise, for example affiliate marketing, it's best to not only avoid the obvious but also focus more on the less common and niche topics that will appeal to your audience. There will be other bloggers who are covering these same things so don't be too concerned about following the same traditional blogging path of writing articles on a certain topic; blog posts that are long and drawn out might be boring. Focus on shorter, more succinct blog posts that are still informative.

3. Have a Great Logo and Heavy Interaction With Your Readers in the Blogging Community

The type of blog you have can make or break how successful your blog will be. You want one that is not only attractive to the eye but also has a great logo and interaction with readers through comments, social media sharing, and posting updates about what's going on behind the scenes with your business. I don't mean you should post every day or update every other day or even sometimes but having posts about what's going on at your business once a week can go a long way since more people are reading blogs about their own specific industries.


You should also think about the type of blog that you're going to have since how good it looks and how well it's promoted will go a long way in establishing your business. Make sure to get your name out there because with so many people doing marketing today, especially internet marketing, you want to be one of those people. You've seen all these successful bloggers who work tirelessly on their business and they always seem to rank at the top despite having a small audience or not having any presence whatsoever. Internet marketing is a powerful machine and it works no matter what niche you're targeting or what level of market penetration you have.

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