The Real Deal


 The Real Deal

Some people are willing to go the extra mile for the perfect shape. They might spend hours a day doing exercises like squats. Others might wear compression boots or have their toes broken in painful ways to restrict blood flow and get a smaller foot. These include tricks you may not know about, like how to modify your walk so you don’t look pregnant every time you step outside of your house. A lot of these tips are easy, but it doesn’t hurt knowing what all is out there for those with enough dedication!

The Real Deal shares tips on how to get an hourglass figure without surgery or lots of sweat, as well as advice on what really works so that getting those curves comes naturally.

Hiding Your Bust

There are a lot of ways to hide your bust and make it look smaller. One way is to avoid wearing low cut tops or anything that causes attention to your chest. If you do choose to wear a low cut top, many women advocate for wearing a plain black top underneath with a simple design, such as white writing on the top of the black top. This can help eliminate attention completely from your chest and cause its shape to become much more subtle. You should also avoid showing cleavage as much as possible; invest in some good push up bras if you want this effect but don’t want everyone staring at your chest when you walk into the room.

This doesn’t mean you should always hide your chest, but there are situations where it may be more appropriate to downplay your cleavage. For example, if you have a big dinner party for friends or family and want to appear more professional or mature, it might not be appropriate to wear low cut tops that draw attention to your bust. You can also add some extra fabric to cover the top by wearing a necklace that wraps around your neck over the bust. Another option is shirts with ties underneath the bust area.

Slim Your Waist

A large bust can look good as long as your waist is small enough to compliment it. There are a variety of tricks that can help you slim your waist. First, avoid pants and skirts that have the classic belt for the low waist on the hips. Instead, try skirts or pants with a V cut at the waistline. This will slim your waist and keep it from looking blocky by elongating it more than belts would. You should also invest in shapewear and other items that can smooth out your figure and make your silhouette look slimmer. Some shapewear for women works well by pulling up from underneath the bust instead of actually slimming anything at all!

If you do have to wear a belt, make sure that it is not white or anything that will show sweat marks easily. Instead, a darker color with a leather finish will go better with any type of outfit and will hide the sweat marks.

Smaller Feet

Something that is often ignored when discussing body types is how small feet can contribute to the perfect figure. Smaller feet are part of why women’s clothes fit the way they do. The clothing designers want clothing that will fit women with all different body types so it takes making clothing in certain sizes to accommodate for every woman out there. Incline shoes like wedges or high heels are actually great for giving your feet some length because it lifts your foot and makes one foot smaller than the other, making both your feet look smaller than they really are.


There are other tricks to achieve a smaller waist, but they are mostly related to wearing clothes tailored to fit that area. Women will often wear multiple items of clothing that all work together to slim the waistline. Shapewear is the most common way, but there are also some other items like corsets and high-waisted pants. Even women who don’t have big breasts can still try this trick by choosing clothes that will compliment them.

Shapewear is usually just one part of a woman’s arsenal for looking good, but it can sometimes cause health issues if worn too often or in the wrong way.

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