The Power Of Faith In Your Online Business


 The Power Of Faith In Your Online Business

Until recently, I was a financial advisor with a large firm. I had been employed by the same company for ten years and never really felt fulfilled. My boss once told me that if we weren’t happy where we were, then it wasn’t meant to be.

One day I overheard customers commenting on how this one particular broker was always available online. She would answer their questions and even send links to the latest articles she wrote on successful businesses that use faith as a primary tool for driving their success forward. So I decided to apply for this position and started working from home while still handling large corporate accounts in my clients' best interests.

I could have never thought that such a simple decision would change my life so drastically. But I created the Community of Faith and Profit, a group of entrepreneurs who are using what they believe in, and the support of other like-minded people, to move ahead in their businesses. I felt strongly that religious values were for everyone, not just those who practice a specific religion.

Some of us meet once a week, while others gather together for breakfast groups or other forums that allow us to share our stories and give and receive support. It's all about having compassion for one another and celebrating the successes we encounter in our business goals instead of dwelling on our mistakes.

And we have been propelling our businesses forward with a new sense of optimism. We know that whatever the future holds for us, we are all in this together. We keep each other going. I’m now excited to wake up every morning and spend time with people who share my values and goals. As I’ve learned from my customers, the more you love your life, the more you enjoy your job and feel good about yourself. And it definitely shows in our work product.

This is what it means to me to use the power of faith in your online business!

For more information about The Community of Faith and Profit visit www.faithandprofitcommunityonlineforum .com or follow The Community of Faith and Profit on FaceBook at .

About the Author:

The Community of Faith and Profit is owned by Kristine Klassen, founder and CEO of The Marketing Chef, a company that provides online marketing strategies for small businesses that want to reach their full potential. Kristine Klassen has been featured in the New York Times where she was quoted as saying, "I believe devoutly in the power of faith to support businesses and you can apply this kind of thinking to your business. You just need to believe that it's possible."

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Always Take Action And Build Your Business!

Here’s how to use the power of faith in a practical way to build your business by providing more value to your customers. We have the power of belief in our lives all around us even when we choose not to acknowledge it.


Walk in the path of faith all day, every day! You can continue w/ your service and still be totally involved in your business. It's a win/win situation for everyone.

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