The New MSN Search Interface :: A Positive Transformation Or The Antithesis Of Change?


 The New MSN Search Interface :: A Positive Transformation Or The Antithesis Of Change?

In order to launch the new MSN Search interface, Microsoft’s major strategy was to keep everything that had been tied to the old MSN Search interface operational.

The changes were first introduced in early October and they are a major departure from what Microsoft had been providing its users over the past 17 years. This change has made some people very happy, but others have expressed their distress with this transformation on social media sites like Quora. So we want to know what you think of these new changes!

Was the new MSN search interface awesome? Or was it a huge mistake? We're asking you because your opinion is important! Join us in this discussion and let us know what you think about all of these changes.

What changes came with the new MSN Search interface?

The new interface has been a major change in the past few months, as it introduces a lot of changes on the whole. The user experience now is not what you’ve been familiar with. For example, there are no more boxes to click on when searching for people or businesses anymore. All links are now accessed directly through the right hand side menu without any breaks between different results. The new search interface also removes all that clutter you’ve loved seeing over the years and instead it makes it so that all of your results are presented in one place with one click! You can also test out these changes by checking out our recently updated Seattle home page here.

We have also introduced some new features. For example, we have now launched more advanced search options like full text search, geo results, and relevance.

The most important feature of all is the new Bing engine which powers the new interface by providing you a better search experience. The new MSN Search engine is based on the Bing core technology and will be upgraded automatically with every update to keep your overall experience fresh and updated.

The MSN search engine has also been made more intelligent by using machine learning. When you do a search, the new interface automatically learns more about your interests and therefore gives you better results.

Is this really the best direction to go in?

We believe that this is an amazing change and it’s definitely a positive transformation for Microsoft. It’s just too bad that it came with so much controversy! The new changes have been received negatively by some people because they believe that the new interface should have come without any changes. But we don’t think so! While these changes seem drastic, they are actually very natural to an interface change like this one. It’s just that the change came so quick and without any warning to the general public.

Searching has been improved a lot! And it’s now easier and much quicker to do a search for the information you need. With Bing, we have now been able to make sure that the user experience is very smooth, and there are no hiccups in between any of your searches. This made us so happy about all of these changes because we believe that they will make our users happy as well!

So what do you think? Are these changes really as bad as some people say they are? Or did Microsoft get it right this time around? Let us know what you think by joining in our discussion.


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Gillian Grant, Microsoft Customer Experience Solutions (CES) Principal Consultant, really loves new interfaces like these because of the way they provide a fresh start for a new design. She says that "the rest of the design is very clean and modern" and "the focus has been put on the content".

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