The latest Internet Buzz: Keyword Sites?


 The latest Internet Buzz: Keyword Sites?

If you're looking to raise your online visibility by increasing organic search traffic to your website, you should know the latest trends.

This post provides a guide to the most popular sources of choice for businesses and individuals looking to find a keyword online. We'll take a look at how these sites are built with each step in order to maximize chances of success. You'll learn about creating an SEO-friendly site, keyword research on Google, and which keywords will provide long-term search traffic for your keywords. The goal is not simply raising visibility; it's about becoming more visible within specific areas that align with your business goals or desired audience segmentation strategy.

The Buzz: Keyword Sites

Keywords have slowly been depreciating in importance with the advent of semantic search. Still, they remain important for keyword sites and search engine optimization (SEO). Even before Google announced its Knowledge Graph, it was fairly common knowledge that the key to a successful SEO strategy was choosing the right keywords in order to drive traffic. So how do you choose? It depends on what your goals are and what type of audience you want to reach. Here are some tips for choosing the right keywords based on your goals:

1) Audience & Goals

First, you need to know who your target audience is and what their goals are so that you can determine what keywords to use. The same goes for your competitors.

2) Keyword Research on Google

You can use Google Keyword Planner to help you with this, but make sure that you include all of the keywords you need to target in your overview of the site's content and prioritizes what will bring you back most often. This allows for easy user experience when someone visits your site. But remember, in order to drive traffic with any of the keyword suggestions Google offers, you still need to optimize it so that it is SEO-friendly and includes quality content. So, not all keywords will lead directly to a high conversion.

3) Picking a Niche

You should pick a niche that you think is relevant and will resonate with your audience. For instance, if you write about golf equipment, you're better off picking golf equipment related keywords instead of generic ones that don't really fit your audience. It could be simple as choosing between golf clubs and golf balls keywords because they are so close in meaning while the tool would still provide great results for both keywords. Additionally, the amount of competition increases exponentially with each additional keyword. Using more than one of them can help you stand out from the rest and drive more traffic to your site.

4) Long-term Traffic Goals

Make sure your long-term goals coincide with what you would like to accomplish on a weekly or monthly basis so that you can maximize your time. While the short term might not be as important, if you are using keywords to drive traffic in the short term, they will ultimately need to align with your long-term goals. For instance, if long-term is about building a community and monetizing via blog and search traffic, then you might want to choose keywords that allow for more contextual advertising while still being useful for SEO purposes.


There's a lot to learn, and the best way to learn is by studying real data from real campaigns that are working to increase their traffic. Keep everything in mind when choosing keywords for your key word site or pursuing a keyword opportunity, and you'll be on the right track.

Posted by: Issac Grant on February 25, 2015 (google+, twitter)

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