The Importance of Web Traffic


 The Importance of Web Traffic

This article will discuss the importance of web traffic and how to increase web traffic.

In this advanced technologically savvy age, there are many different ways to get your business or startup noticed, one being through search engine optimization. To show you the effects of SEO and how it can increase traffic for your website, we will discuss a case study done by Moz that analyzed over 9 million keywords and found that organic rankings in Google receive 49% more clicks than paid ads on Google Adwords. 
Organic SEO is an effective tactic because it does not have any upfront cost like PPC ads do. First, it must be paid for through time and effort and second, is it not just free traffic? Many people have seen the benefits of organic SEO and seeing the amount of people who have actually entered their niche market, they became interested in SEO. Moz's study shows that these people are actually getting more site traffic than those who paid for Marcom (media advertising). So why would you pay money if your website gets such a great response in the long run?
Since they cannot pay to get better rankings, many companies choose to invest in PPC campaigns.
There are two types of PPC ads are Display and Mobile. The online advertising world uses the internet in order to promote its company's products or services. Paying for ads to be shown on other websites is known as paid search, while PPC benefits are obtained from advertisements placed on a web-page.
Creating a good PPC campaign is usually the hardest part of PPC management. This can be achieved through keyword research and optimization. Keyword research involves finding keywords that you want to advertise for and finding out who searches them. You want to make sure they are the right words to use so that when someone types in your key phrase, your ad will show up high in their search engine results page (SERP). Optimizing your landing page is also very important. 
May be it is  difficult for you to rely on organic SEO and PPC, so you can do optimize your website's first page continuously and slowly.  You can tweak the design of your website, increase traffic from social kinds of platform and also share some useful content in order to attract more visitors; update information regularly; promote it through many channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+, etc.
You are strongly recommended choosing a worthwhile site to get free traffic. There are thousands of websites on the internet that offer free traffic through advertising networks such as MediaVine and Linkreferral , etc. These networks let you advertise your website for free in exchange for a link. When people are clicking on the ads, they get to see and choose your website; then they are redirected to the advertised website.
How to Increase Web Traffic
The keywords that you choose should be related and not too long. Make sure each page of your URL follows the most important section of it (the domain name). And improve your backlinks such as social media posts are very efficient for getting web traffic. One widely used and effective way is using guest blogging, but only after choosing a website where you want to guest blog, make sure that you must have some valuable content to offer there.

I hope this article has made you understand SEO, PPC and organic traffic.  You should use them to increase the amount of visitors you get.  It is better for your website to get non paid traffic than paid traffic as users that clicked on your ads might not come back (users found what they are looking for but decided not to return).
Make sure your website gets noticed by optimizing its content and having a well optimized site structure, and make sure you have chosen some good keywords.   In the long run, these decisions will work and keep you getting more website traffic in the future.

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