The Great People Search Is On And How The Internet Is Helping


 The Great People Search Is On And How The Internet Is Helping

These days, you can not only find the most talented people for your team through search engines but also get insights into their lives. Discover who they live and work with, what projects and organizations they are involved with. It starts more than just a preference for one location or another-it helps you understand where it is that they have been, what type of relationships they maintain, and how committed or dedicated to those relationships are. The internet has made this all much easier!

The Great People Search Is On And How The Internet Is Helping is about having the right information at your fingertips young companies can use when scouting for new employees. The author describes the process of online databases and how they have become essential to finding top talent-and even more important as a way of vetting potential employees.

This book is written in a very easy to read manner, with engaging titles and topics. If you are looking for some background information about the process of searching, this book has it all. There is great information on how much influence searching has over hiring, how to build your online profiles and make them search engine friendly. The author provides tips on how to handle your first interview , giving a great idea of what questions to ask and what you should never do.

If you are looking for an overview of the most known online search engines, this is a great book for that. The author also includes some great information on how to evaluate and rank your online database with search engine optimization. There is even a chapter dedicated to how to build a strong online presence...perfect for new startups and entrepreneurs. This would also be a good book for job seekers who are looking to learn more about how the internet helps them in their job searches and what they can do to optimize their job applications.

This book will make you laugh out loud as the author describes hiring managers' stories about hiring and firing employees with humor, but will also make you think about your own company's HR processes and policies. Every one of us should have such a book in our library.

The Great People Search Is On And How The Internet Is Helping is available for purchase on Amazon:

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The Traveling Salesman Problem An Interview with Dr. Kevin Ziesler on The Traveling Salesman Problem

This is an interview with Kevin Ziesler of the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he was a lecturer in the Mathematics Department and helped teach courses in combinatorics, computer science, statistics and probability. He also had research appointments with the Institute for Scientific Computing Research (ISCR) and the Center for Applied Scientific Computing (CASC) at NCAR/HAO. His Ph.D is from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York under Professor Ronald L. Graham where he developed new tools for solving problems on computers.


Kevin's The Traveling Salesman Problem is well written and easy to understand. There is ample explanation of the problem and how many different forms it can take. He also explains how one can solve it using one of the solutions developed by Graham, if you have access to a computer program. If you don't, he also goes over some other ways you can solve it using pencil and paper, proving that even those who do not use a computer can solve this problem.

Kevin's interview is filled with anecdotes about his academic life along with the time he spent in graduate school at Cornell and how his path eventually led him to Boulder, Colorado where he currently teaches mathematics at CU Boulder.

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