The Four Big Adsense Secrets


 The Four Big Adsense Secrets

Adsense is the ultimate in monetization programs for any website owner. Keyword Rich Content, 3 ads below article, and a 10% revenue share on the topmost ad clicks pretty much give you the majority of your earnings from this program. But as with anything else, there are little secrets that will help you earn more money! Read on to learn about 4 of these secrets:

• The importance of long-tail keywords
• How often you should be rotating ads in your site’s Adsense account
• The importance of Uniques and Clicks vs. PPC
• How to block Adsense competitor ads from your sites
Long-tail Keywords
Adsense does not like keyword stuffing in your content. So the obvious way to get around this is by using long-tail keywords that are not in your article's title. It's better when you use long-tail keywords that have more than two words in them, because it will pass the human readability test while still giving you enough search volume for your articles. This way, you won't get penalized for keyword stuffing and can earn more money from the same content!
How often you should change Adsense Ads
Once every 10 articles or so would be ideal, but try to change them as often as possible. Much like long-tail keywords, it's not a good idea to set up Adsense ads on your site and forget about them. You'll need to be sure to rotate them. This means that you'll need to make sure that you have 6-8 ads running at once in your Adsense account. When you do this, it is easy for Google to disallow new advertisers from placing ads on your site – which was the case for one of my sites. It ended up being better for me when I went back and changed some of my ads in the wrong spots, rather than waiting until they were no longer able to place them (and therefore losing income).
Adsense click-rate vs. PPC click-rate
If you're looking to make money off of Adsense, it's important that your readers are clicking on the ads. If they aren't, then you'll be losing money no matter how many clicks you're getting per impression. But how do you make sure that your readers go on to have a good experience? Well, it's not as complex as it sounds. All you need to do is make sure that you're getting relatively high click-rates on your ads. The reason I say relatively high is because it's important that you're not just having people click on ads, but that they are liking their experience with the site and will continue to come back. So if they leave without visiting multiple pages, then a possible follow-up won't happen - which directly affects your long-term earnings.
Getting rid of Adsense competitor ads
The final tip for earning more money with Adsense is to learn how to block your competitor's ads.


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