The Amazing Race Message Boards (TAR)


 The Amazing Race Message Boards (TAR)

If you're a long-time fan of the show, or a newcomer looking for more discussion on this season's racers, head over to the The Amazing Race Message Boards (TAR). TAR is one of the best places to chat about, meet-up with other fans and find out everything from who's eliminated to which team has been spotted most often. You can also find photos and video spoilers.

Join in on this site to get your fix of anything and everything interesting related to The Amazing Race.

Forum dedicated to the CBS TV show "The Amazing Race".

Founded: December 16, 1999.

Description: Founded in December of 1999 and now boasting over 7,000 members, TARFans is one of the biggest and best Survivor or Reality TV message boards on the net today. The site is divided into 3 main sections. The Survivor section focuses on Survivor 2 (All-Stars) , Survivor: Thailand, Survivor: Amazon, and Survivor: Pearl Islands . There is also a Reality TV section and a "General" section focusing on all topics other than reality TV. TARFans also has a special "TAR" forum that is used to talk about the current season of The Amazing Race .

All About Reality TV is the first and largest reality TV message boards on the Internet. TAR fans from around the world come to this site to chat about Survivor 2 (all-stars), Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: Amazon, and a variety of other shows. The forums are very large and contain thousands of posts every week. All About Reality TV is also the home of many popular Reality TV sites including MalinkeTV , TopRealityChatter , RealityTVCentral , RealtyWonk , RealityDebate , RealWorldSurvivorTeam and more... was founded by Michelle and Wanda as fans of the show. Since 2005, they have managed The Amazing Race Fan Blogs Site, which includes , TARFanatics , OnTheRace , TheAmazingRaceMania , BackpackersAndBars and more...

The Amazing Race : Message boards on RealTime Gaming . 
A site specifically for the Game Boy Advance installments of this game series (since 2002) in addition to the PC and PC platform installments of this series (since 2002). The site is split into two main sections: 1) a message board section for discussion about gameplay, strategy, bugs, etc... and 2) a message board section for people to chat about the show/game.

The Amazing Race Message Boards (TAR) is a free web-based discussion site for fans of "The Amazing Race" television show. TAR fans from all over the world come to this site to chat about the new season of "The Amazing Race" on CBS. The forums are very large and contain thousands of posts every week.

True TARsters (formerly The Amazing Race Fan Forums), also known as: TARF, TARF, TAR, TAF, or TAFs is a fan community founded by Rachel Bischoff in 2005.


Through these sites, fans can relive each episode and discuss the events both on and off the screen. Not to mention, there are plenty of TAR-related downloads available such as desktop wallpapers, videos, music and photos. Fans will also find a wide selection of merchandise for purchase as well as links to a variety of other sites that relate to their favorite show. Overall, the amount of information these sites provide is amazing. They make TAR viewing even more enjoyable for fans than it already is!


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