The Advantages Of Key Word Analysis


 The Advantages Of Key Word Analysis

Key word analysis is a method used primarily in markets research where it can be used to identify particular phrases that most closely relate to a specific target market. It can also be useful for understanding how certain messages are communicated or issues are framed. 

The process of using this technique is as follows: firstly, one must identify the reason or intent behind a given phrase. For example, "fighting" might have many different meanings depending on the culture and time period. Next, you would try to find any key words making an appearance in this phrase. In this case you might find "fighting cancer" or "fighting breast cancer". Finally, you can use these key words to segment a group of people or products in a certain way.

The importance of doing key word analysis is that it allows you to better identify the market for your product and understand the needs of your target market.

The process of doing key word analysis is as follows: 

You can then interpret the results and subsequently draw inferences about your market and audience.
1. You will be researching keywords that are used on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc 
2. These websites provide accurate data because they know what their customers are looking for, so it is quite reliable.
3. You will be getting a lot of information and data.
4. The keywords that are commonly used in them will be more useful for you as you will already know what you are looking for, which is a good starting point. 
5. This information is also easy to get since it is freely available on the web, so you do not have to pay any money to get it from anyone else.
6. It can be a hard and tedious job to find the most appropriate keywords and the most accurate data that relates to them. 
7 . There will be a lot of noise on the internet that will be changing all the time. 
8. You have to look at many different websites to build up a very detailed picture.
9 . You can build up an audience by analysing these people and what they are looking for online. 
10. Keyword data tells you about the customers that go on sites, how many of them visit certain pages etc, which can be very useful information for you to use in your business.
11 . You can get more information on keywords over time by comparing week-on-week for example or month-on-month and compare it with previous results as well as from other search engines e.g Google etc.
12 . You can then analyse and interpret the data to draw inferences on your market and audience. 
13 . Your data collection will be very interactive when you are doing it online as you will be able to see it all happening in front of you. 
14 . It is important that you only do this type of analysis for one or two sites at the most as it is easy to get overwhelmed with so much information coming at you, the analysis itself can take time.
15 . The more time that you spend looking at the data, the better insight you will have into your target market and business. 
16 . You should be able to tell what your target market is by now and where they are on the web.
17 . This information can then be used to create a strategy for you business so that you can advertise on the correct websites and attract your audience. 
18 . You can use this technique to do things like affiliate marketing, pay per click ads, social networking sites, blogging etc. 
19 . You will also know what websites to avoid advertising on as they might not be as relevant to your market or audience as others so that you avoid wasting your money.
20 .

Keyword data provides an insight into the needs and wants of a specific target market. This allows you to create a strategy for your business and identify the correct websites to spend your advertising budget at. Some websites might not be as appropriate for your target audience and you will know to avoid these when planning your own campaign.


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