Testing Your Google Adwords Search Engine Ads


 Testing Your Google Adwords Search Engine Ads

You might not have known this, but Google’s Adwords ads are displayed on many different websites—sometimes in front of your very eyes. The neat thing is that you can test these ads to see how they perform before you launch them onto the world of the Internet. In the following article we'll show you how to test your Google search engine ads and what kind of benefits it has for both advertisers and their customers.

Testing Google Adwords search engine ads is a relatively simple process, with many potential advantages for both advertisers and their customers. By testing your Google Adwords ads, you get to see exactly how they're performing. This allows you to make your ads more relevant, which means you will be getting more of a response from them. As an example, if an Adwords ad gets 100 clicks, but only five of the clicks are from people interested in the subject matter of the ad, then your ad needs to be improved as well as made more relevant. If your ad has 200 clicks and fifteen of those clicks are from people interested in the product or service that came with it, then it is much better off.

In addition to this, there is another benefit that comes when testing: fees can be reduced or eliminated altogether by not running the ads at all. This means that your ads will not be running constantly on the Internet, which in turn means a reduction in the number of impressions and a lower click-through rate (CTR). By showing less ads, your ad could end up being seen by more people and therefore receive more clicks.

It is important to keep constant track of all the Google Adwords ads that are running on various websites so as to know how they're performing. For this reason, you should perform testing at least weekly. You can test your ads by trying new text or changing an image in your ad, for example. You could also try adding new links from one ad to another or different links altogether. This may result in a lower CTR, but it will sometimes be well worth it.

Another suggestion for testing is to see how your ads are performing in other countries. If you are doing business locally or nationally, this can be a good source of traffic. You may even want to test only some of your ads and not the others—perhaps you only want to test those that have clicked on the most and those that haven't been clicked on at all. Testing of these ads can give you a good indication of what needs revision and what needs to stay as-is.

Don’t despair if your ads aren’t performing well (or if they’re too good). You can revise them or revise your advertising budget to send those ads to only those websites that will get a better response from them. In the end, the Google Adwords system is there to give you statistics on the success of your ads, and these statistics can be used to your advantage. The point of these ad tests is not only to show you how your ads perform when you run them, but also how they can be improved. Whether you change a few things here and there or completely revamp some aspects of your Google Adwords search engine ads, it's completely up to you.


So there you have it, a few simple tips on how to test your Adwords' search engine ads. Hopefully after reading this article you will be able to improve your Google Adwords campaign and see the benefits of trying new ad text or images and seeing how that affects the clicks you get from each ad. The statistics are there for any of us on Google Adwords, so why not have a go at testing them?

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