Streamline Your Website Pages


 Streamline Your Website Pages

Tired of visiting your website and feeling the tumbleweeds flowing in? Is it hard to find what you're looking for? Frustrating to navigate between multiple tabs and pages? Got a site with a million sub-pages that are difficult to find or tacky looking?

Fortunately, there's not only one solution. We'll show you how you can organize your cluttered content and streamline your pages with these helpful tips!

With so many options, it's easy to get lost! Check out this list below of the best tools for getting things done.

XML Sitemaps
Sitemaps are basically a listing of all of the pages on your website, from top to bottom. Many search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN use these to index your site's pages so that users can find them easier. If you manage a blog, it's important not only that you have an XML sitemap, but that you change its date whenever you update your blog. This way people will stay up-to-date with the latest information on your site.

What are .htaccess redirects?
.htaccess redirects are basically permanent links that you put in a text file to send internet users to a different page than the one they ended up on after typing your URL. Many programmer's put these in place to tell traffic where it should go when they type in your URL, such as instead of . This helps to keep your site fast and accessible.

After you've worked with your XML sitemap and .htaccess redirect, it's time to fill out the content…easier said than done, right? Here are some tips for making organization easy.

Keep it simple. A cluttered website is a confusing website, so make sure you aren't overwhelming visitors with information that doesn't serve a purpose. Keep what you want users to know or do on one page and make it easy to find by creating links or directories of the different pages.

Language matters. Make sure that your website is easily readable by avoiding long paragraphs and using proper spelling and grammar. Be sure that your content gives an idea of the direction or tone you want a user to take when coming to your site.

Aside from looking messy, having multiple pages can cause problems for search engines because they won't all be indexed correctly. To combat this and higher the amount of people who visit your site, try consolidating all the pages you have on one home page with links to each one! This makes it easier for both you and other internet users as they won't get lost among a sea of tabs.

Having tons of information on your site can be overwhelming. But don't fret! With a little organization, you'll be able to easily find what you're looking for on your site. Good luck and happy coding!

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