Stop Paying For Website Traffic!


 Stop Paying For Website Traffic!

Many website owners are embracing the idea of traffic trading. More and more people provide their visitors to other people's websites in return for a visit to their own website. Traffic trading can be profitable for both parties, because each site is receiving traffic at no cost. To make this opportunity a lucrative one for you, you must know how to effectively utilize it. The following suggestions can help get you started.

Make sure that the website you are visiting is related to your niche. Just because traffic is being offered does not mean that you should visit every site that sends you visitors. You won't get any benefit from the traffic if the site has nothing in common with your niche or worse, has content that is extremely off putting. Make sure to trust who gives your site visitors based on their website content before clicking through!

Conduct research on the people who have offered visits in order to learn about them in advance. For instance, if you find that the people who have given you traffic are reputable, then you can proceed with more confidence and trust them. If the website that is teaching you to use your site visitors is not providing quality products or services, then why should you pay them to be a part of your traffic?

Only accept visits from reputable websites. Just because a website is willing to give your site visitors some advertising does not mean that they are reputable! You do not want to be caught paying people for their traffic when it turns out to be a scam or sources of bad quality materials. Only accept visits from sites that provide products and services in your industry.

Check the reputation first before clicking through to websites who offer traffic. There are some unscrupulous sites that will steal visitors right from under your eyes. In order to prevent this type of situation, make sure you check first before clicking through to websites that offer traffic.

If your website gets too much traffic from bad quality websites, then your website is really the one that loses out. You can stop this by simply blocking those websites who are wasting your traffic and resources. Use a feature such as the "Domain Block" in order to block those sites that provide bad quality traffic. This is a free feature that allows you to completely block a domain name. When this feature is used, it will stop your website from receiving traffic from other websites that are not related to your niche.

Make sure that the traffic being provided to you is legitimate. Sometimes, sites will offer your webpage too many visits for their own good. But if they are only selecting sites with good quality content, then they have no reason to do so. Only accept website visits if they are authentic offers and not scams!

Use tracking software in order to analyze how much traffic each visitor brings to your site each day. Using the information from these reports can help give you ideas as to where else you can advertise with your site visitors in the future.


The good thing about using traffic trading as a means to get free website traffic is that you will not have to pay anything in order to get visitors. All you have to do is provide your visitors to other people and they will give it back by sending some visitors back your way. Another benefit is that if you are an ethical site, then you will be able to build relationships with other reliable people who also have sites in the same industry as you!

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Nikki Hahler has been in the Internet Marketing industry for over 5 years.

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