Six Linkbaiting Ideas To Get More Traffic To Your Site


 Six Linkbaiting Ideas To Get  More Traffic To Your Site

There's no denying that on the internet, search engine optimization is an important part of any website. In order to get more traffic to your site and garner higher rankings in Google, you have to follow these steps: 1. Choose a keyword(s) 2. Write a compelling blog post title 3. Write some content that pertains the keyword 4. Make sure you include images/videos 5. Include links within content 6. Add some compelling anchor text with relevant keywords 7. Include internal linking 8. Record all of the above in a spreadsheet 9. Check for duplicate, irrelevant searches with the same keyword and put it out of site 10. Make sure you're getting your links from valid sources (it's okay to reach out to other blogs/people) 11. Share on social media 12. Re-share on social media 13. Cross-promote each other's sites 14. Maintain ongoing backlinks (you don't want dead links) 15. Repeat! For those of you who have followed this article and practiced the steps, your efforts will pay off. You do not need hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site or hundreds and thousands of dollars to get the word out about your business. A lot of money spent on SEO makes little difference to a Google ranking, especially if you aren't already at the top. On-page optimization is extremely important, but it's also extremely hard work if you don't know what to do. In this article I'm going to give you some tips on how to earn traffic by linkbaiting. Before anyone gets the wrong idea about what I'm talking about, I want to make it clear: this is not a shady practice. In fact, linkbaiting is done with the intent of earning traffic and generating brand awareness.
Let's get into it...
Before we dig in to how you can go about linkbaiting, let's take a look at what exactly linkbaiting is. The basics of linkbaiting are simple: if your site is getting lots of traffic, and you're using the same keywords in your anchor text (the part after "click here" or "go to", such as "sports car"), then you're doing it right.
You may be wondering why you want to do this. It's simple: the higher your page rank is, the more likely it is that you will get more traffic from search engines. You don't even need a site or blog if you're really serious about it. Linkbaiting can be done with a simple homepage and some well written text. Generally speaking, linkbaiting involves using your anchor texts in the same way over and over again. This gives off the impression that your content is specifically targeted for that specific keyword or phrase, which makes it easier to get into those top rankings in Google and Bing because they know you're making an effort to appeal to those specific keywords.

Okay, so now you should have a much better idea of what linkbaiting is. This isn't necessarily a practice that is meant to be used by everyone; some people like to maintain more originality in their content for the sake of uniqueness and quality. However, if you're someone who would rather focus on getting as much traffic as possible to your site, I would suggest following these steps: 1. Choose your keyword 2. Brainstorm 3. Choose 3-4 ideas 4. Develop your backlinks 5.

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