"Seven Secrets of Internet Millionaires"


"Seven Secrets of Internet Millionaires"

Did you know that a substantial number of internet millionaires were originally self-taught, and that many of them learned their skills on the job? Want to learn more about how to make money online? This article is filled with insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. The key is to understand what's working now and then create your own niche. Once you've done this, finding shortcuts in the market becomes much easier!

1) Pour everything into your idea - invest everything.
2) Look for niches - find what's missing or not well-served in its area.
3) Find a way to solve a problem. Figure out how to help and give value. If you get it right, people will pay for it!
4) Make it easy - make your product or service as accessible as possible.
5) Be passionate - whether you're selling an amazing product or a service, you need to have passion for what you're doing!
6) Don't worry about failure, worry about the next opportunity. You only fail when you stop trying.
7) Be prepared to do whatever it takes!

If you're new to the idea of online money making and aren't sure where to start, here are some proven ways to make money online - that have worked for many others:
1) Sell your expertise in a form of ebook or membership site.
2) Offer your skills as a freelancer. Sites such as Rentacoder.com can help you build yourself a portfolio.
3) Turn your hobbies and personal projects into products you can sell.
4) Write traffic-generating mini-sites - these are not very resource intensive and can generate good money.
5) Build websites and earn money from the advertising on them. You can check out sites such as  http://www.yousite.com to learn how you can start making your first site for free; and later on, make some money from ads.
6) Blog about your passion or interest - just like they do for Dummies books, you can write something on an area you're interested in and make money from it. One such example is a blogger who makes a good amount every month from writing articles about parenting and kids issues . He uses the site http://www.yourchildishblog.com/ to help him monetize his blog.
7) Create an affiliate site - if you love a product and want to sell it for someone else, turn that interest into a steady stream of income. http://www.networksolutionsmarketing.com/ offers tips and information on how you can do just that!
8) Advertise your products or services - many sites have advertising opportunities available, so why not use them! Big traffic brings big money! There are also different strategies on how to make money from your site , such as pay-per-click and contextual advertising. http://www.thetrafficsource.com is an excellent resource for finding more about these options and others.

The internet offers a unique opportunity to make money. You have the freedom to work when and where you want. However, it's important to understand that you need to put in the time and effort; there are no shortcuts around this. The more time that you put into learning how to make money online, the more success you will achieve!
 This article was written by Stephanie Martin for http://www.yourdummiesguides.com/  and may be freely republished or distributed in full, subject to copyright . Stephanie Martin is an internet marketer who has worked for several years on building sites for herself and others.

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