Secondary Market for Adult Targeted Traffic - The Untold Industry


 Secondary Market for Adult Targeted Traffic - The Untold Industry

Adult targeted traffic is a resource that is more popular with the modern online entrepreneur, especially those who are seeking to build their own marketing and advertising strategies.

Adult targeted traffic can be categorized in two ways:

- Paid Traffic - There are many methods of delivery for paid traffic such as posting sites, auction sites, pay per click ads, and affiliate programs. These methods often require a large budget to work effectively. However, many entrepreneurs today are using these methods on a limited budget but with great success.

- Non-Paid Traffic - This type of traffic is generated through search engine, links, press articles and other free media. Although this type of traffic is not as profitable as paid traffic, it can still be effective in driving traffic to a website. In fact, this type of targeted traffic will more than likely improve the ranking position of a site in the search engines.

It's time now to learn about the secondary market for adult targeted traffic. The primary means that people use to purchase this type of traffic is through pay per click (PPC) ads on third party websites. PPC ads are typically used for buying one time visitors or recurring visitors who are considered "in-demand". The alternative form of adult traffic is "cannibalized" paid traffic. This type of traffic is also referred to as "bought traffic". When a company purchases from a third party source, that purchase is often considered cannibalized. In other words, the buyer has already been paying for the same set of visitors and the company is paying twice for those same visitors. Often times this type of traffic is more expensive than "cannibalized" paid adult targeted traffic.

Many companies have used pay per click ads on third party websites in order to acquire adult targeted traffic to their website. However, most of these ads are not effective because they are often placed in the wrong place or with the wrong message. If the advertisement is placed on the right message, it can be very effective. Most companies have also used pay per click ads in a bid to achieve high rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs). Ranking positions are important in that they determine where the ad will appear in the SERP. Although many companies will buy adult targeted traffic as part of their SEO efforts, this is not a necessarily a good idea because it's often unclear if the sites that are driving visitors to their site are quality sites or not.

When buying adult targeted traffic from third party sources it's recommended to do your research and buy syndicated traffic with high integrity. If you're looking for recurring traffic, then check out traffic exchange operators or micro-payment programs.

If you're looking for one time visitors or additional traffic, then it's recommended to purchase adult targeted traffic from ad networks. Most of these ad networks will not be able to provide quality traffic but you'll likely find at least a few that will deliver high quality traffic.

The two most popular ad networks in the adult niche are Adtegrity and Traffic Broker. The best part of these two ad networks is the variety of business models they offer to advertisers like pay per click models with CPC pricing, CPA models, and rev share (CPS). For many advertisers it may be better to use the Rev share model because you're paying a set price for every 1000 users that arrive at your site. The pricing will vary depending on the amount of traffic that you purchase and how much you intend to pay per 1000 visitors. Basically, if you intend on paying up to $10 CPM it may not be necessary to utilize the CPC model because you can buy in bulk at a lower rate.

Some people prefer to purchase traffic from micro-payment (MP) program rather than PPC programs. In these MP programs the advertisers are paying a commission on purchases they make for other companies or individuals. Buyers are often looking for high quality traffic with integrity so it is recommended to purchase adult targeted traffic from micro-payment programs when possible.


For those who are interested in learning more about the adult targeted traffic, it's recommended to check out websites like adult-traffic and visit forums where you can interact with others in the industry. There is a lot of useful information online for finding and acquiring quality traffic for your websites. It's also important to understand that if you're going to purchase adult targeted traffic from a third party source, you should do it correctly and ensure that the traffic is high in integrity as well as relevant to your niche. Contact your favorite adult affiliate website today!

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