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 Podcast Safe Music

On August 16th, 2017, I had the pleasure of watching the band A Day To Remember on their latest (and first) headlining summer tour through North America. While it was an amazing show and a lot of fun with friends, seeing this band drew my attention to something that is extremely important- music.

The use of personal headphones for live music allows audience members to listen to any song they desire without distracting other people in the area. This is beneficial for those who want a break from what others hear or those who cannot live without their favorite tunes while surrounded by others.

The use of music headphones in a live concert setting has been a long debate, with opinions that range from people claiming it takes away from the live feel to others arguing that they are necessary for listening to music and drowning out the sounds of those around you. Personally, I think headphones should come with a disclaimer: “Listening to music in a crowd is not rude; however, if you are loudly singing along and disturbing those around you, then you are being rude”.

I have noticed that there is some controversy over whether or not bands that play loud and upbeat shows allow patrons to wear headphones at their shows. A Day To Remember is no exception. While it’s understandable that the band would want people to listen to their music, the idea of listening to the music of another band in a public setting is something that I have never heard brought up before.

A Day To Remember’s music has always been fast-paced, upbeat and filled with energy. Their shows are no different. The music is loud and has many levels of intensity, but so does the audience. I have seen many guys wearing headphones while being overcome with all of the other sounds happening around them from performers on stage to fans creating all kinds of noise on monitors and drum kits.

I found this alarming because while there is nothing wrong with enjoying your favorite music, the intoxicating effect of a crowd’s energy and enthusiasm is one that I think should be respected. It happens in bars, at festivals and anywhere that people gather to have fun together. As an audience member, I don’t think it is acceptable to take this away from anyone and by wearing headphones, you are missing a big part of the night.

A Day To Remember’s music may not be for everybody, but that does not give those who want to listen to their music permission to complain about it, scream along or throw fists in the air at every beat.

Everyone who has been to a house show or small venue show can probably relate to this kind of behavior when music is being performed. It’s okay if you do not like the genre of music that is playing or even the band itself, but respect should be given to everyone else around you. If you are thinking about wearing headphones at the next concert that you go to, think again as this may be disrespectful towards others in an area with limited space. If you don’t like what is being played, then leave and go somewhere else. There are many other places where people can enjoy music together and supporting a local business is always one of those ways.

Conclusion: Band’s don’t want the public to listen to their music in a way that is disrespectful and loud.

-Sophia [5:52 PM]

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