PodCast Marketing: How Effectively Are You Deploying This Definitive Marketing Solution?


 PodCast Marketing: How Effectively Are You Deploying This Definitive Marketing Solution?

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be subscribed to and downloaded from a channel. Podcasts can contain video, audio, text, or pictures. The word podcast is derived from the words "iPod" and DVC (Digital Audio Video Camera), and was originally used to refer to a series of digital media files which could then be downloaded for playback on an iPod. But now podcasts have been transformed into their own medium with over 320 million listeners worldwide who are tuning in on their iphones each week. They are an efficient way to spread awareness about your company or product over a series of audio bites. Podcasts are typically produced by one person or a small group of people with only one goal in mind- to grow business through communication.

If you do not have a podcast, take immediate action and launch your own podcast, or subscribe to this podcast; otherwise you may be missing out on an opportunity that provides long term benefits for your business. Podcasts are at the cutting edge of the marketing strategies used today thanks to their ability to create brand awareness, build relationships online, and generate leads for sales. Much of the data shows that if it is produced by someone outside of corporate offices, podcasts generate much more interest from customers. Podcasts can be used to create content that is more easily understood by customers, and thus build trust in the brand or product.

The benefits of podcasting for business have been highly touted by companies all over the world, from small businesses to large corporations. For example, Ford has had a podcast running since 2007 named Runway, and they have earned thousands of fans. Another example would be Hewlett Packard which has had an extremely successful podcast that listeners have downloaded millions of times. Hewlett Packard now uses their podcast as an effective way to reach more customers. The business world has realized that podcasting is a direct response to the changing media. With the use of the internet, traditional marketing strategies are becoming outdated, and companies have had to adapt. Podcasting allows for this change because it is a "people-focused medium" that enables businesses to connect with customers in a personal manner, putting their brand on a personal level with their consumers.

Podcasting can create opportunities that are not available through other forms of advertising mediums such as radio or television. For example, podcasting allows companies to have more control over what is produced and who is featured in the broadcast. This means that companies can create podcast broadcasts in which they can speak directly to their target market, with the same voice and tone as their company. By offering free content or services, a business is able to gain more exposure and followers, building a loyal audience who is interested in what the business has to offer. In addition, podcasting budgets have proven to be much more effective than traditional forms of marketing such as television or radio. Advertisements on these mediums can cost up to $20 per thousand viewers; whereas podcasts have been shown to reach one-to-one interactions and provide a more personal touch for businesses.

Podcasts can be used in different ways depending on your target audience and goal for the podcast itself.

Quality podcasts that are engaging, entertaining and shareable can help you improve your visibility on the web, drive traffic to your website, and inspire action at the end of each episode. When you consider the benefits of podcasting vs. other forms of content creation (such as blogging or video) it makes sense to focus more of your marketing resources on creating an audio show.

Though we live in a world where video is easier to produce and more widely adopted, it’s important not to forget about writing because there’s still a lot of power behind text. According to Brian Clark , having great writing on your blog can be just as powerful when done properly — assuming you have something interesting or valuable enough to write about.

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