Organizing URLs 101


 Organizing URLs 101

Organizing URLs 101

There are many different ways to format your URL. One of my personal favorites is to organize them by type. With this method, you can maintain all your website links without clicking through a billion subfolders. This also helps keep track of where the link goes and what it looks like because there will always be a specific purpose for each folder or category. For example: or

Here's another example for a directory: or This probably isn't a good idea for a blog but can help you organize your types of content.

Here's the link I keep in my bookmark bar that I use to organize my URLs: I love this website so much, and it has saved me countless hours of searching through links just to find what I want, such as contests or new product releases (which is super important if you're in marketing).

Organizing by category helps so much in keeping track of your site's content. When you have separate folders for each type of content, it can be a bit overwhelming to keep them organized. This is why I love the link above from Bitly because it helps organize links into categories in real time.

Contests are something that I do often to give back to my customers, so having a place where all relevant contests are kept would be very helpful. Here's what looks like:

If you want more information about how to fashion your own link organization, check out

As you can tell, I'm pretty big on organizing my links and letting them reflect what my company is about. This is because it helps me keep track of everything I love with the help of an easy-to-use website.

Vivian Dang Da Langwic's name is weird. I didn't pick that name for myself. It just happens to be the name of a chick in one of my favorite movies, "Lost In Translation."

Go see Lost In Translation!

I went to this movie with two friends (me and Stan), so it was our first ever theater experience together. After the movie, we were so excited that we went to get ice cream, and the people at Cold Stone Creamery thought that my friend Stanley was a girl because of his name. No one else in our group had a normal name.

I love sandwiches. Sandwiches are where it's at! Personally, I haven't figured out a food yet that can make me not like it if it's between two slices of bread. In fact, this could be the beginning of something bigger...

Follow @sandwichmeltdown on Twitter!

(You'd be helping me spread my sandwich-loving message!)

Still, I would never recommend to anyone to eat just a sandwich for six months straight.

Conclusion: I like sandwiches.

I can't believe that I just wrote an entire paragraph talking about sandwiches. So much for being serious in this book! But seriously, let's get back to the important stuff: Writing blog articles and tweeting stuff. What are we doing again?

"Take it easy baby, don't let it get you down... Don't let it go to your head now."

– Lenny Kravitz, "Let Love Rule" (1989)

You've made some mistakes, big deal. You're going to make more in the future, so don't give up because of your past mistakes (like writing an entire paragraph about sandwiches).

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