Obtaining Good Content


 Obtaining Good Content

Do you struggle with producing good content for your blog?

No problem. This article will show you 18 different ways you can find content to use on your blog. Please note that these are not the only 18 ways to get content for your blog, but they are some of the most common methods people use. 

If you're worried about finding enough quality content to post on a regular basis, then this article is perfect for you! It includes many ideas from sites like Medium and Quora which can help with sourcing quality original content. 
The article is also great if you're looking for blogs to follow or are unsure how much writing work should be focused on within a given day in order to reach maximum productivity. 

The article is broken down into 18 different sections, each of which contains at least one way to find great content for your blog. Please note that some of the ideas will be too time consuming or expensive for most individuals. 

This article is a great introduction to the concept of content curation and can help readers decide if they want to use any of the suggested methods in the future. It's broken down into 3 parts: What are curation methods, where can you find good content, and what are your best bet picks for finding good content? 
One quick note: this article contains affiliate links, which simply means I earn a small commission if you purchase something after clicking on one of them. I am very transparent about this and include links to any paid content I review. 
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One of the most common questions that new bloggers ask is, "how do I get readers?" There are several ways to get readers for your blog: you can pay for advertising on sites like Google AdSense or Amazon adverts (and others), you can purchase advertising from another blog, or you can use an advertising network such as Adlicks (more below). But one of the best ways to get readers is by using social media. 
If you're just starting out, you may not yet have a large following on your Facebook fan page. This is okay, and there are still a few things you can do on this platform to help your blog gain readers. The first thing that I recommend doing is creating an interesting image for your post and creating a story around it. 
When someone clicks on the link in the photo, they will be taken to the full blog post where they will be able to read more about what you wrote and whether it's something that interests them or not. 
In order for the photos to be shared, you need to make them interesting. You can achieve this by creating photo collages or using creative wording in your post. Just remember that people on social media have short attention spans and may not bother reading your entire blog post if it's too long (unless it's a very popular topic). I recommend writing posts no longer than 1,500 words as a general rule of thumb. 
Remember that social media is not just for posting links to your blog; it can also be used as a form of interacting with your readers (if you have any)! The best way to do this is via comments and replies.


Above are just a few ways you can get your blog posts shared on Facebook. 
You can easily use these methods to increase the number of readers on your blog and with the help of social media, you can also promote them out into the world. 
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