NSI Makes The Most Of Its Database With Dot Com Directory


 NSI Makes The Most Of Its Database With Dot Com Directory

The NSI database is one of the most comprehensive databases in the world, compiling an impressive and ever-growing list of every domain name in use today. But what good is this to a company like NSI? How does it make money with such a vast resource? You might be wondering, "How can I set up my website on NSI?" For starters, let’s take a look at how they monetize their service – namely through their dot com directory.

According to statistics from Netcraft, there are over 300 million websites online and only 59 million domains registered worldwide – which means that just less than 20% of all online sites are connected with NSI. This database of 300 million sites gives NSI a unique opportunity to be able to deliver targeted traffic to businesses, organizations, and individuals who need it most. To do this, they created the world’s first and only paid inclusion directory – the dot com directory .

The dot com directory is a powerful marketing tool for dozens of leading brands such as Google, eBay and the majority of Fortune 500 companies. When it comes to your small business or personal website, having your site included in the Dot Com Directory is essential to gain maximum exposure on the Internet. The dot com directory is one of NSI’s most profitable services that caters not only small businesses but also major corporations looking for targeted traffic.

As a paid inclusion, your website appears in the search results of the Dot Com Directory alongside other websites that are also included in the directory. Because of this, you will receive more incoming links and more traffic for your website. The Dot Com Directory also provides a variety of linking options such as traditional text links, image gallery links and sponsored links depending on your goals for your website.

In simple terms, by being included in the Dot Com Directory you are playing with the big boys when it comes to search engine optimization . Your site will appear alongside other major companies listed in any search engine when someone is looking for information about a product or service. By having your website in the Dot Com Directory, you will be able to get your site listed as a search result and this will automatically increase the number of incoming links and traffic to your website.

Whether you are a small business or corporation with national or global appeal, the Dot Com Directory can help you reach more customers on the Internet. In today’s business climate it’s impossible to survive without an Internet presence and getting listed in the directory is fast and cost-efficient.

The NSI marketing team is constantly looking at ways to improve their service offering in order to enhance their customer experience . Whether it is adding new features or improving existing ones, NSI strives daily to best serve their clients. If you want to know more about how you can make the most of your web presence, post a comment or visit http://www.nsimonitor.com .



(April 1, 2008) – National Systems Integration Inc. (NSI), a leading provider of Internet-based business services hosting and management , attended the Business Equipment Alliance in Beaumont, Texas this week where the company took advantage of the many networking and real estate opportunities to strengthen its business client base.

For the third year in a row, NSI has been showcasing at the Beaumont Business Equipment Alliance , which held its annual conference on March 24-25, 2008. The company has been built up to become an integral part of the relationship between the Business Equipment Alliance and its growing membership base of IT and business professionals. In fact, NSI is one of only two companies that have attended all three years as exhibitors.

"The Business Equipment Alliance was founded in 1999 to provide a forum for information technology and telephony professionals," said Tony Yodice , a member of the Board of Directors for D&L Industries Inc., which serves as an anchor sponsor for this event.


When a company can’t find time to take care of its investment, that’s a problem. Keeping your investment up to date and working with an infrastructure provider that takes care of everything is the solution.

NSI is a company that helps you keep track of all the small details when it comes to operation and maintenance. Because the NSI team works with industry-specific technologies, it allows clients to upgrade equipment at will and access new technology as soon as they become available. While many other companies out there promise your business something in return, only NSI provides real results.

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