New Web Site Helps Groups Stay Connected


 New Web Site Helps Groups Stay Connected

Wish your group could stay in touch at all hours? Well that is now possible with the new called Get Together. This site allows you to create a virtual network for your group or organization to keep connected with everyone at any time. The site keeps track of every participant and offers status updates, as well as promotes events that are taking place on the website. It also includes reviews by other members about how their events have gone, so you can learn from others' experiences and make the most out of these new connections!

Go ahead and create your own virtual community today with this great web service! 

Write an introduction to an informative and factual blog post titled "Does Your Foot Hurt When You Walk?". Include the following topics in your post:

Format your post consistent with APA rules and guidelines.

In this assignment, you will practice the writing skills learned in this course. The goal of this assignment is for you to practice summarizing information in paragraph form. Summarize clinical research studies and develop a Reasons for Current Practice section based on what you have read.

In this exercise, each student is required to evaluate his/her work in comparison to his/her peers' work using references from an Evidence-Based Practice website (

Conclusion: Be sure to write a 1-2 page summary of your work that includes references included in your assignment, as well as in the references section of the Evidence-Based Practice assignment.

Each group will be assigned two primary articles (journal or website) to review and summarize. They will also be asked to decide whether these articles represent an evidence-based practice. If they do not, they must indicate why not and what other evidence would indicate that the article is evidence based practice at this time.

One peer will be assigned primary and secondary articles (journal or website) for review. The peer will summarize the article for their group member, then move on to critique the peer's summaries in a collaborative journaling style.

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