Netzero Internet


 Netzero Internet

Netzero Internet service offers internet at a lower cost. It has plans for individuals and small businesses that are worth checking out if you are looking for an alternative browsing option. If you prefer a slower speed but want to save some money, this is your best option. One of the biggest perks of Netzero Internet is choosing to be able to use your mobile device since they don’t have any monthly data limits.

Before you purchase a plan from NetZero Internet, you need to check out the following points:

How much data will you use? You have two options: 60GB or 250 GB. The 250GB option is $40 less per month than the 60GB option but will cost the user more money over the course of the year. With Netzero, customers can select between three speed tiers: 3 MB/s, 6 MB/s and 12Mbps. If you are going to use the service during peak hours (from 6pm to 10pm and midnight) then it’s recommended that you choose the 12MB/s tier. This tier offers a faster download speed than other tiers.

What kind of device will you use? If you think that you are going to stream a lot of videos on your smartphone it is recommended that you choose the 250GB option because if you want to save money and get the most out of the service in terms of data, 60GB isn’t going to cut it. There is no limit on how much data you can use with any Netzero Internet plan which means that users are able to download on their mobile device without any restrictions. Netzero Internet has one of the best value unlimited plans out there today! This is an advantage for those who download a lot or stream video on their devices.

What kind of mobile device will you use? If you are going to use your mobile device on Netzero, you have two options: 150 minutes unlimited or 350 minutes. This is a great deal considering that Netzero Internet is offering unlimited data for mobile devices. By adding the minutes to your account, you will get all of the Netzero features but with a few extra perks. You can make phone-calls and send texts with your Netzero minutes which is great if you don’t want to go over your allotted minutes on your regular phone plan. You need to make sure that the messaging works on whatever device that you are using since there can be compatibility issues with some smartphones and tablets.

What kind of customer service will you need? Netzero offers one of the best customer service experiences for a third party Internet provider. In fact, they offer a live chat option which is available all day. They also have a phone number that the user can call from 8am to midnight. A great feature about Netzero is that they don’t impose any contracts on the user and there is no termination fee if you change your mind about using their service. Each month, Netzero will send you an email to remind you of an upcoming payment which is helpful for those who are forgetful or don’t check their account very often.


More and more people are going with the big players in the Internet field but for a small business this can be a great solution. If you are looking for a new Internet service provider, Netzero is one of the options to consider. 

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