Myspace: What Is The Hype All About?


 Myspace: What Is The Hype All About?

Myspace has been redefined, rebuilt and relaunched to become the social network of the next generation. Whether you want to talk about music, movies, TV shows or anything else under the sun with your friends and other global Myspace users - you can do it here.
Start connecting on Myspace by creating a personalized profile and have fun exploring the site.

What is so great about myspace? Let me count the ways: 
1) Create an account for free. 
2) Upload content like pictures, videos or blogs quickly and easily from whatever device you are using (phone, tablet etc).
3) Use Myspace to connect with friends, family and even people you have never met.
4) Explore and discover new content at your own pace.
5) Customize your Myspace with music, photos, videos and more.
6) Join a band, club or cause. 
7) Like someone's post or comment? 'Nuff said! 
8) You decide what you want to do on Myspace and we'll guide you along the way!

What is the hype about myspace? 
Myspace is a place where you can let loose, be yourself and have fun with some old friends or find new ones! It's where sharing is caring. It's where we meet. It's where we live.

MySpace was designed for people to express themselves and dominate the social world, particularly for those who are too shy to use Facebook or Twitter. In 2006, myspace experienced an unprecedented growth in popularity that was attributed to the difficulty of keeping up with social networking services like Myspace that allow users to remain anonymous but still maintain connections with friends and family. The allure of myspace is its ability to access all one's personal information from anywhere. Even though anyone can create a profile on the website, most myspace users create their page using fake profiles in order to keep their information private and hidden from others.

In 2008, there were 1.6 billion Myspace profiles which represented approximately 84% of the social media website traffic. This percentage has decreased to 65% in 2010. Myspace also continues to be the most visited website among teens aged 12-17 and the second most visited among Internet users up to age 34. Currently, there are more than 232 million active Myspace users who have created nearly 576 million Myspace pages. News Corp bought MySpace for $580 million in 2005 and sold it for $35 million four years later, which proved to be one of the worst business moves in history.

1) Yes, making connections is a plus. However, I don't think that this should be the only reason for people to view this page. 
2) Uploading content like pictures, videos or blogs quickly and easily from whatever device you are using (phone, tablet etc). 
3) I do not like the idea of people connecting with strangers. Who knows what kind of trouble they may cause? Also, I do not want people to connect with family members on Myspace because it is not always safe to have our personal information displayed for the world to see. 
4) To each their own on that one.

Conclusion: Yes, it is a good idea to make connections on myspace. It is also a good think to have people post things that are helpful as well as entertaining. However, there are still too many negative things that do not fit the description of a "good" thing on this site. It is hard for me to decide if this website should be reclassified as beneficial or not since it depends solely on the individual's perspective of its overall usefulness and how much they enjoy using the site; each person has their own reason for using this online platform, so they would have to be aware of their own motives in order to determine if the use of myspace will help them network socially or negatively affect their lives in some way.

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