MySpace to go Mobile


 MySpace to go Mobile

MySpace, a website that allowed users to create and share profiles with the world, reached their first 100 million monthly visitors in 2006. Fast-forward ten years to today, the website is less popular and has dramatically changed its original design. The sites design is now based on mobile platforms like iOS and Android in an effort to improve user engagement and allow for an easier social experience.

For those who may not be familiar with MySpace - it was originally created as an online database of friends when Justin Timberlake left N*SYNC after being accused of hiring two hookers while on tour in Europe. Today MySpace is primarily used for dating purposes as well as networking opportunities for professionals looking to find employment.

This change in design strategy is not only aimed at keeping MySpace relevant, but it's also a result of the shift towards mobile. According to Nielsen research, the majority (62%) of Americans are now using their phones to connect with friends and family rather than computers; and that number is expected to continue rising. The global shift away from PCs has also been attributed to a shift from desktop computers to mobile devices. In fact, in 2016, Google announced that more than half of all searches now take place on mobile devices; and one billion people worldwide use Android phones.

The benefits of this trend from both an advertising perspective as well as a content creation standpoint are immense. Advertisers will be able to more effectively target consumers when and where they're looking for content, while also creating a better user experience for the consumer.

Advertising on mobile devices provides advertisers with the ability to understand their customers and audience better through targeting based on location, age, gender, and other data that is connected to the phone or device. This means more relevant ads can be shown to the customer therefore increasing consumer engagement. The content creator benefits from this as well since they can provide high-quality ads that are highly targeted helping them create a revenue model for their business.

From a business standpoint, an effective social media strategy is key if a person or company wants to be successful. A study from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business found that companies with a social media presence are twice as likely to be successful as those who don't. The same holds true for small business owners, according to a 2016 study published in the Journal of Small Business Management; 81% of small businesses surveyed were concerned about their online presence and one in four businesses said they have "no idea" what their online reputation is.

The benefits of using MySpace on mobile are quite clear today and will only become more important correlated to the continued shift towards mobile technology over traditional desktop computers. Today's business owners and professionals need to understand the importance of using mobile friendly websites to reach their audience.

For years, Google has penalized those who did not have a mobile website by lowering their search engine ranking. Recent updates to Google's algorithm indicate that it is now even more important than ever before for businesses to have a mobile friendly website. In fact, Google announced last month in regards to their mobile-friendly test: "Over the past few months we've rolled out several ranking changes which affect mobile searches. Although these changes are not specifically targeted at mobile-friendly sites, we've noticed that sites that are not optimized for mobile users are being affected."

The benefits of MySpace and other social media platforms offering a mobile platform have been clear for some time now. The trend is expected to continue as long as consumers continue to migrate towards mobile devices to connect with their peers.

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The sites design is now based on mobile platforms like iOS and Android in an effort to improve user engagement and allow for an easier social experience [ARTICLE END]

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