MySpace + CitySearch = neEvent


 MySpace + CitySearch = neEvent

A word about neEvent

As you may know, MySpace has been a dying website for the last couple of years. But before that, it was quite a popular social network for people to find new music, meet new people with similar interests, and connect in community. To take advantage of the nostalgia factor that has followed since its decline, CitySearch is partnering with MySpace to bring back a new version of old school MySpace called neEvent. It's intended as an alternative to Facebook or MeetUp where local networking can happen without the pressure of having an online presence.
How to create an event with neEvent
Go to and you'll see a yellow box that says "Create an Event." Enter your city and name of the event, then click on "Create my Event."
The next page will let you enter details like the date, time, location, cost, and description. You can also upload photos from your computer or from Flickr. Once you click on "Create this Event," you'll see a confirmation page.
Click "Create this Event" and you'll see a pop-up confirming that your event has been created.
Next time you log in to MySpace, you'll find the website address for your newly-created neEvent page. Copy it and send it to all of your friends in the area so they can join!
How to add members and comments to your event with neEvent
Since MySpace is no longer as popular as it used to be, users will have to rely on finding their friends on Facebook, or connecting with them through other networks like Twitter or Gmail. Once a user has joined the neEvent community, they can share the event with their friends via different social networks.
Event owners have the ability to add and remove members, as well as leave comments on the event. Click on your event, then click on "Membership" at the top right corner of your screen to find this information.
How to create groups
On neEvent's homepage you'll see a green box that says "Create a Group." Just enter a name for your group, then click "Create this Group" and you're done! You can add group members by going back into your page and clicking on Membership in the top right corner.
The groups feature isn't just for neEvent users; businesses can create a group to promote their events via neEvent. I think this feature will be very useful because it allows you to create an event and get feedback from your future customers about the event before you even get started with planning.
If you have any problems creating your neEvent, visit the help section . You can also send any comments or suggestions to .
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I think neEvent will be a huge hit in some areas because it feels much like the original MySpace, which is what people want. It allows users to create a free space to share things with their friends in their city or an area they're familiar with, and it allows businesses to find people who are interested in their product or service. This way, businesses get feedback on whether they should give their event a go or not.
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