My Space Is Having A Helio Of A Time


 My Space Is Having A Helio Of A Time

You're not the only one looking for something a little bit different this summer, my space. With so many people feeling the heat of change, it's time we all started thinking about taking some time out. And what better excuse than the arrival of a new season?

This summer, do something to take control and rock it out. Shake up your routine — go to bed earlier or later, try eating lunch at a different time and see how you feel...think about all the different ways that you can put a new spin on routine.
No matter how you decide to shake up your life, remember that change is good and once you get into the new rhythm of things, you'll start feeling great.
It's not just this summer...
This summer we've got a whole load of new tunes, fun events and our very own Radio DeeJay to show you how it's done! So keep checking back for loads of MySpace Exclusive goodies and really cool stuff that no one else has got! But we don't want to tell you everything today because there's going to be some super-cool surprises too.
See you soon, my space...
- Radio DeeJay/My Space Magazine Team
Title: My Space Is Having A Helio Of A Time

Someone at is hoping for a summer of change and new rhythms: MySpace has a new "Radio DeeJay" – TONI VOGUE – strengthening the online radio station's position as it kicks off its summer of programming with pop, rock and dance music. The Moroccan-Australian DJ will be hosting the weekday breakfast show from 10am to 12pm (AEST) beginning this month.
"I'm delighted with how things are happening for my Radio Deejay at MySpace," TONI VOGUE said. "Both my listeners and I are enjoying the new music mix and format that we've created together. MySpace has a strong fan base of intelligent, creative music lovers, so it's exciting to work alongside them to share my taste with them."

MySpace Reader Beta launched on June 4, 2007

On June 19, 2007, MTV UK announced MySpace would be hosting MTV's new video show "MTV Playback" (formerly known as "MTV Rockumentary") but following an outcry by fans against the show, MySpace announced on July 2 that they were discontinuing the program. MySpace rank #1 in the United States for the month of July 2007, with 5.5 million unique viewers.

On July 26, 2007, Sony BMG announced that it had bought a 20% stake in MySpace for $77 million in cash as part of a global expansion drive. Seven weeks later on October 23, 2007 Sony BMG increased its stake to 50%, effectively making MySpace part of the Sony BMG family and making co-owner Viacom into a minority shareholder.

Conclusion to the Sony BMG purchase of MySpace. - sonybmg

Starting in November 2007, MySpace made changes to its layout. The top right part of the page had some new features added (for example, the "Playlist" link has been moved to a higher position). There was also an overhaul of the profile pages with a cleaner look and many links now being replaced by photos on multiple pages. The music icons are now available in nine languages: English, Chinese, French, Greek, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish (Castilian) and Portuguese. Some additional music-related features were added too – eMusic widgets & MTV Playback show schedule.

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