More Traffic For Your Site


 More Traffic For Your Site

Learn how to make your website more visible and increase your traffic with these tips and tricks.

Basically, using an effective SEO strategy will help you get a lot of traffic for your website. But there are other ways you can increase the visibility of your site that don't require a ton of work, but that won't hurt much either:

- Get featured in Google News! The more articles are written about you or things related to you the better. You can also get featured on CNN's homepage.

- Your site's importance to the public: If you're a small business then your site is probably much more important than the people who will be visiting your site. This means the more searches that click directly to your website, the better. But if you're a big business (or even just an important website) then that's not really true for most of your traffic. So look at it this way instead: you're directly attracting traffic from Google News and CNN, so if those are bringing you visitors then that's good! But keep in mind that it won't help all that much in terms of extra search engine traffic, so try not to rely on them as a major source of traffic.

- Making your site faster: You should definitely make efforts to make your site run faster. This will help reduce the bounce rate as visitors spend less time waiting before they return to Google. It's hard to say exactly how much of an effect this has, but from the time I've spent reading about it I've found that big sites report a lot of success in lowering their bounce rate by at least a few percentage points. You can find more information here for improving your website speed .

- Stop using Flash! There are plenty of reasons for this, but the main reason is that search engines can't crawl Flash content. While I can understand that you might have many visitors who prefer Flash, your site is probably going to be better off if you convert visitors into subscribers. It's hard to get exact figures here, but I've read that the conversion rate from Flash users to non-Flash users can be as low as 2%. If that's the case then your site will be able to reach more people who are interested in subscribing.

- Don't use overlays (unless you're using them for advertising). This is something that other sites do all the time and it seems like it should be alright, but the reality is that most search engines don't crawl these sites. What this means is that Google won't be able to find pages on the site that are related to your search query, which means that whatever you want to say about a particular subject will have less relevance when your ads don't show up.

This should be enough in terms of tips for increasing traffic, but if you're looking for more information or tweets related to visitor and search engine optimization then these are popular sites:

- Search Engine Optimization: A site dedicated to information on SEO techniques that anyone can use. It's a very comprehensive site and I'm sure it would be the best place for you to start learning about SEO. However, it's also pretty hard for newcomers to understand what they should do.

Conclusion: The best way to keep up with the latest news and information on search engine optimization is probably by using Twitter. This will allow you to follow a few different well-known search engine optimization experts who regularly share the latest updates on their area of expertise.

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